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It’s almost #GivingTuesday… but we’re not asking you to donate.

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November 30, 2020 1:21pm

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Join us for a day of generosity instead?
Join us for a day of generosity instead?
Tomorrow is #GivingTuesday! But we're not asking you to donate.
Supporters like you have been so generous all year long. Even in a year like 2020, you’ve continued to show up when we’ve needed you most.

Tomorrow, on Giving Tuesday, we’re asking you to show up again—but not for charity: water.

We know firsthand how incredible this community is, and if there’s anything the world needs right now, it’s the pure goodness we’ve experienced from people like you. So here’s what we’re thinking:

Pick one way—any way!—to be generous tomorrow. Our whole team will be joining in on the fun with generous endeavors of our own. 
Here’s a not-so-short list to help you get started:
  • Send your sibling a photo of a puppy and tell them its unbearable cuteness reminded you of them.

  • Your fridge could almost definitely use a deep cleaning. Be the one who makes it happen.

  • Curate a playlist and send it to someone you miss dancing with—make sure every song is a banger.

  • Take a virtual yoga class with your most-stressed family member.

  • Save energy! Turn off a few lights.

  • Your friend shared an accomplishment on social media! Celebrate their hard work with an enthusiastic comment. (Emojis are not optional.)

  • Leave encouraging comments on social media, news articles, or anywhere they'd cause a smile.

  • Sort through your books and gift the ones you don't need anymore.

  • Throw an unbirthday party for one of your housemates or family members, complete with an unbirthday treat.

  • Collect all of the best instrumental videos and throw an in-house or virtual karaoke party.

  • Using reusable masks? Gather everyone's and put them through the laundry. Goodbye, germs!

  • Rent some movies from the library (the more obscure, the better) and throw an at-home movie night with everyone's favorite snacks.

  • Write to a long lost friend.

  • Invite a friend to join you for a virtual museum tour (like the MoMA or Musée D'Orsay).

  • Set up a video chat with someone who lives alone.

  • Call someone you haven't checked in on recently.

  • Leave your USPS mail carrier a friendly note.

  • Leave a glowing review for your favorite restaurant.

  • Propagate a plant.

  • Clean the bathroom. Someone's gotta do it, and today, you are that champion.

  • Put your child back in that superhero Halloween costume and go door-to-door delivering candy like it's a backwards Halloween (neewollaH?).

  • Take your neighbor's newspaper from the driveway up to their door.

  • Dial up the happiest playlist you can find and have socially-distanced driveway dance parties.

  • Rake your neighbor's leaves.

  • Volunteer to walk neighborhood pets whose owners could use a break.

  • Have a new neighbor? Share a list of all the amazing local restaurants they should try and what to order from each. Bonus: send a pizza from your favorite local shop.

  • Leave a box of cookies on your neighbor’s doorstep, ring the bell, and get the heck out of there.

  • Put together a Creativity Box for a neighborhood family with kids. Fill it with coloring books, games, puzzles—anything that gives parents 20 minutes to make dinner without interruption! 

  • Buy a bouquet of fresh flowers and put a single flower on each of your neighbors' doorsteps.

  • Slip friendly notes into your neighbor's mailbox.

  • Visit to get matched with a local volunteer opportunity—anything from delivering meal kits to putting up flyers for kitten adoption.

  • Clean up your nearest park.

  • Walk the dogs at your local animal shelter.

  • Deliver flowers to your local nursing home to bring joy to the residents and staff.

  • Say hello to your neighbors when you pass each other on the street.

  • Hand out a flyer with all of the special skills you're willing and able to share. (A+ cookie baker? Star virtual math tutor? Pro headlight replacer? All valid skills!)

  • Order takeout from a local restaurant you've never tried before.

  • Start a neighborhood activity swap. Every week, rotate a new activity (like puzzles, board games, books, movies) from one house to the next.

  • Offer to go to the post office or the grocery store for your elderly neighbors.

  • Know a neighbor who can't be with family this year? Invite them to share one of your family's traditions, even if virtually!

  • Venmo the student in your life so they can order delivery while they study for finals.

  • Buy coffee for the person in line behind you.

  • Pay for a stranger’s groceries.

  • Pizza. Someone in your life needs a pizza delivery.

  • Take care of your neighbors and donate to a local mutual aid or food pantry.

  • Deliver a round of hot coffees to the women and men working at a nearby construction site.

  • Help someone pay rent.

  • Does a teacher in your life need school supplies? Send that hero a gift card.

  • Your family member deserves flowers. (You know which one.)

  • Pick up a surprise dinner for your roommates (or your family!) from a local restaurant.

  • Need to purchase gifts this holiday season? Shop from small businesses.

  • Create an "emergency kit" for a friend with a few of their favorite snacks and a gift card.

  • Gift a book to a student.

  • Tip your delivery driver 40%.

  • Count the number of tabs you have open. Donate that number of dollars to your favorite charities.

  • Ask the florist for a bouquet that would make someone's day. Then, buy that bouquet for the florist.

  • Give a parent a well-deserved night off. Deliver pizza and a movie to their front door.

  • Send a friend an IOU for a hot beverage to enjoy the next time you're together.

  • Send donuts to a local elementary school faculty room.

  • Support a friend who is doing good work in the world.

  • Leave a life-affirming note on a stranger’s car window.

  • Give a friend or neighbor a coupon for snow removal. During the next storm, show up with a shovel and a smile.

  • Marie Kondo your pantry and donate the excess to a local food bank.

  • Donate gently-used clothing and give someone else a chance to love the sweater that lives in the back corner of your closet.

  • Plant a tree.

  • Write a bunch of hope-filled messages and deliver them to an assisted living home.

  • Volunteer your time to do whatever it is you do best: review resumes, help form a financial plan, design a logo, organize a pantry, take photos.

  • Share a list of your favorite recipes with someone who has made way too many meals at home since March.

  • Share a funny memory with a friend you haven't talked to in a long time.

  • Set up a themed video chat with people you've been meaning to get in touch with.

  • Help someone do something they've been avoiding: clothing repair, shipping packages, putting up or taking down decorations. Team work makes the dream work.

  • Write thank you notes to hospital workers and encouraging letters to patients.

  • Ask a grandparent/parent/sibling about their favorite memory. Then record it.

  • Give someone the benefit of the doubt.

  • Write haikus about your favorite people and send them throughout the day.

  • Respond to your favorite newsletter writer and tell them how much you enjoy their writing.

  • Become pen pals with a senior citizen.

  • Share a compliment with a coworker.

  • Channel your inner gameshow host and plan a virtual game night.

  • Text an encouraging note to a friend, just because.

  • Bake some homemade pet treats and drop them off at your local animal shelter.

  • Create a Powerpoint explaining exactly why your best friend is awesome. Present it to them via Zoom.

  • Make an old-school holiday ornament for a friend with that picture you took together in 5th grade.

  • Give the gift of not having to look for boxes of gift wrap in the basement. Drop off homemade wrapping paper, ribbons, and bows to friends and neighbors.

  • Present handmade awards to your quarantine pod. Options include “Best Quarantine Haircut” and ”Most Likely to Selflessly Wash Our Dishes."

  • Make encouraging bookmarks and give them to your local librarians.

  • Print out old (we're talking waaaay back) photos. Send them out in the mail so everyone can remember and enjoy happy times spent together.

  • Make a family tree. Instead of pictures, use hilarious memories or quotable moments.

  • Send a scrapbook filled with inside jokes to your siblings or oldest friends.

  • Make a Snow Day box (candle, hot chocolate, a good book, fuzzy socks) and send it to a friend.

  • Invite your favorite 5-year-old to color with you on a video chat.

  • Keep a running list (or a wall of post-it notes!) of all the awesome things you've noticed people doing recently. There's so much kindness in the world when we're looking for it.

  • Give people who walk past your house a reason to smile! Put colorful art or encouraging signs in your front windows.

  • Draw portraits of your neighbors' pets. Deliver them with a few treats.

  • Spruce up your housemate's work-from-home station.

  • Make handmade cards for residents at a local nursing home.

  • Bake your favorite cookies, package them up, and ship them to your parents.

  • Send brand new crayons, markers, and coloring books to a children's hospital.

  • Make a scrapbook of your family's favorite quarantine memories. (You have more than one, we promise.)

  • Build a free community "library" box and encourage friends and neighbors to take a book or leave a book.

No matter how you celebrate Giving Tuesday, know that we will be celebrating you. We can’t wait to continue in our mission together—and can’t wait to spend Giving Tuesday being as generous as possible alongside you! 

– your friends at charity: water
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