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There's always a solution.

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A look at the many ways we deliver clean water
A look at the many ways we deliver clean water
No two regions are the same. Neither are the solutions.
Every community faces a different challenge in the search for clean water. Sometimes it’s deep underground. Sometimes it’s high out of reach. But there’s always a solution.

Whether we’re drilling, filtering, or piping, we’re determined to find a way to get clean water to everyone who needs it.

Here are just a few of the solutions we’re funding with the help of our generous donor community, The Spring.
CAMBODIA has lots of surface water, but it isn’t safe to drink.

BIOSAND FILTERS use layers of gravel, sand, and biofilm to remove up to 99% of the bacteria found in surface water.
For women and girls in some mountainous regions of NEPAL, collecting water often involves treacherous climbs.

PIPED SYSTEMS bring clean water from natural springs or other sources directly into communities and schools.
Photo of a drilled well and the map of Mozambique
In MOZAMBIQUE, women and girls may walk for hours to collect dirty water. Meanwhile, clean water could be just beneath them, deep underground.

DRILLED WELLS not only bring clean water to the surface, but they can also give women and girls their time, energy, and safety back.
This Earth Month, you can support sustainable water solutions around the world

Working with local partners is the best way to end the water crisis. Their expertise and firsthand understanding of a community mean every solution is carefully chosen for long-term use.

By joining our monthly giving community, The Spring, you'll support our local partners as they build sustainable water solutions worldwide.
We couldn’t be more grateful for your interest in ending the water crisis with us. You can learn even more about our local partners and the water solutions we implement here.
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