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Laura, Stefan, and Anthony say hello Laura, Stefan, and Anthony say hello



Your compassion is building a more loving world, one changed life at a time. So this year, we’re giving our valentines where they’re most deserved...

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I help lead our Revenue team, so I crunched some numbers...


People served: Over 14,000,000 and climbing


Total dollars granted: More than $413,000,000


Your value to the world: Priceless


If you’re able, please treat yourself to a bouquet and some chocolates. (Or, the entire box.) You deserve it.


Director of Revenue Operations

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This Valentine’s Day, I just wanted to remind you that you are every bit a part of charity: water as our own team.


You’re the purifier to our Treatment Systems.


The micro-bacterial film (ew) to our BioSand Filters.


The pipes to our tap stands.


The gutters to our rainwater catchments.


If it wasn’t for you and your constant love and support, we would never have been able to impact over 14 million lives (and counting).


You complete us.


Happy Valentine's Day!


Director of Business Development and Partnerships

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I work in tech, so my brain isn’t wired for words. But today, I have a few well-wishes for you.


May your wifi always be highspeed,


May your phone battery never die,


And may the episode you’re streaming never buffer.


Systems Administrator & Help Desk Manager

We hope you enjoy these notes of gratitude from our team. They’re only a fraction of the thanks you’ve earned. Thank you for being the Sherlock to our Watson, the Harry Potter to our Ron Weasley, and the Monica to our Rachel. 


You’re the hero our world needs.  


— your friends at charity: water


Want to share the love? We have the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. Give clean water in honor of your sweetheart with one of our customizable cards.


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