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Here’s a sneak peek of Good News, the monthly email we send to Spring members. The Spring is a global community of monthly givers dedicated to ending the water crisis in our lifetime. It takes $40 to bring clean water to one person each month, but you can join The Spring for as little as $5 a month. 100% of your donation will fund clean water projects.
August Good News
The first day is worth celebrating
Freshly sharpened pencils. A new lunchbox with our favorite cartoon characters on the front. A carefully curated assortment of empty notebooks. We all remember the joys (and fears) of the first day of school.
Still, the first day has never just been about new folders, difficult locker combinations, or sporting the most coveted pair of shoes. It’s always been about opportunity. Possibility. Hope.
A new school year represents the chance at a new future. A future every child deserves. But on average, waterborne illnesses steal over 400 million days of school from kids each year.
Kids like Adane
We first met Adane in Ethiopia in 2016. Curious and hardworking, Adane wanted to become a driver and see the world. But at only 8 years old, his days already revolved around collecting water and worrying about the dry season.
These responsibilities often interfered with his education. Spending several hours walking for water each day meant Adane was regularly late for class. If the water made him sick, he would miss school entirely.
Thanks to our incredible community of charity: water supporters, our local partner The Relief Society of Tigray (REST) drilled a well in the center of Adane’s village. Now, the children of Adi Etot finally have time for school.
“In a week, we go to school for five days,” Adane told us proudly.
In 2016, Adane worried about his future. Now, with access to clean water, he's able to attend school and dreams of becoming an engineer or doctor.
*Note: Adane’s name has been changed in keeping with our Child Protection Policy.
Adane in the classroom
Adane in the classroom
Clean water + happy kids = brighter futures
Too often, children are kept from the education they deserve by unsafe drinking water. Over 30% of the world’s schools lack safe sanitation. Kids spend hours each day missing class to walk for water—especially girls, who are 15% more likely to enroll when provided with clean water.
But a better future isn’t only possible, it's already on its way. We know education changes the world, so we’re investing in the next generation through access to clean water. Teachers around the world, like our friend Netra, are already reporting how clean water is making students happier and healthier.
Meet Netra
Join The Spring
Join The Spring
Want to make history? Join The Spring.
We hope you enjoyed reading August’s Good News! Uplifting stories like these are taking place all over the world thanks to the generosity of Spring members. You can join them for as little as $5 a month and 100% of your donation will go directly to clean water projects. You’ll also receive stories from the field and transparent updates on how your generosity is making an impact around the world.
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