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Top Flight Deals - East & West Coast: New York | Las Vegas | Miami & More

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It's an East vs. West showdown! From the historic charm of the East Coast to the West Coast's carefree vibe, it's hard to tell which region takes the cake. Decide for yourself with flight deals to popular cities throughout the US.
East Coast
Flights depart from New York City to...
West Coast
Flights depart from New York City to...
Flights to Also search for   Flights to Also search for
Atlanta $254 Flights + Hotels   Denver $204 Flights + Hotels
Boston $96 Flights + Hotels   Honolulu $678 Flights + Hotels
Fort Lauderdale $144 Flights + Hotels   Juneau $657 Flights + Hotels
Fort Myers $198 Flights + Hotels   Las Vegas $307 Flights + Hotels
Miami $196 Flights + Hotels   Los Angeles $295 Flights + Hotels
Myrtle Beach $154 Flights + Hotels   Maui $766 Flights + Hotels
New Orleans $192 Flights + Hotels   Palm Springs $332 Flights + Hotels
Orlando $188 Flights + Hotels   Phoenix $276 Flights + Hotels
Philadelphia $201 Flights + Hotels   Portland $298 Flights + Hotels
Tampa $192 Flights + Hotels   San Diego $291 Flights + Hotels
Washington $144 Flights + Hotels   San Francisco $315 Flights + Hotels
Charleston $126 Flights + Hotels   Seattle $315 Flights + Hotels
Flights are round trip, including taxes and charges
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