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We asked our employee-owners what their recommended reads are. You'll thank us later.

Looking for a Good Book? 

Look no further, your next read is right here! We asked our employee-owners what their recommended reads are. You'll thank us later.

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Happy Reading from the Employee-Owners of Chelsea Green Publishing
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 The Forager Chef’s Book of Flora by Alan Bergo 
In The Forager Chef’s Book of Flora, Alan Bergo will have you looking at seemingly familiar plants in a whole new way. Never before have I paid such close attention to the different growing phases of milkweed: from the early buds that can be used like broccoli florets in pasta to the sweet-smelling flowers that can be made into a hot pink cocktail syrup that apparently tastes like Watermelon-flavored Jolly Ranchers, to the young seed pods that can be fried up in a cornmeal batter and served with a side of Ramp Ranch Dressing. “All of that from a ‘weed’”, Bergo writes. “Imagine if even 0.01 percent of every garden that could support it included milkweed as a food plant. Just think how much food humans and butterflies could share!” I’m definitely a novice forager, but Chef Bergo’s book is opening my eyes to a world of edible possibilities right outside my front door and beyond.

—Christina Butt, Senior Publicist

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 Danincing With Bees by Brigit Strawbridge Howard 
Dancing With Bees is a beautifully written and deeply moving memoir detailing Brigit Strawbridge Howard's journey of rediscovering and reacquainting herself with the natural world just beyond her doorstep. Her writing simultaneously transports the reader to her tiny English garden and the surrounding landscapes while educating them about the plight of pollinators and inspiring change in how we treat them.
Without any intention I've become a bee champion and completely changed my habits regarding lawn care and gardening to ensure they have the food and shelter they need. Be prepared to laugh, learn, wonder, cry a little, and become completely enamoured with bees. You might even find yourself planning a trip to the Malvern Hills...
–Eliza Haun, Director of Rights and Ancillary Revenue
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 The Sandor Katz Fermentation Collection 
Michael Pollan calls him the “Johnny Appleseed of Fermentation” and he’s known far and wide as Sandorkraut. His love for all things fermented is contagious. Not being an expert in the kitchen, Wild Fermentation and The Art of Fermentation, were my go-to guides for home fermentation.

His newest release, Sandor Katz’s Fermentation Journeys, does not disappoint. A must-have for any fermentation enthusiast!

Thank you, Sandor Katz, fermentation guru of the highest order, to guide me through it. Join me and make friends with the microbes in your life!

–Gretchen Kruesi, Director of Digital Development
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 Fibershed by Rebecca Burgess 
They say you are what you eat, but unless you’re a really messy eater, no one really sees that. No, my friends, you are what you *wear* (or don’t wear), and if you’re a polyester jester, you could be releasing 900 million plastic microfibers to the air each year just by doing you. How much better to wear locally sourced natural fibers with a soil-to-soil life cycle—while supporting local farmers, textile producers, fiber artists, and designers.
Rebecca Burgess started the movement, and she also wrote the book on it. Come into the closet! Fibershed makes a compelling case that the time for place-based couture is here.

—Michael Weaver, Manager of Trade Sales and Distribution
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 The Healthy Vegetable Garden by Sally Morgan 

Whether your gardening season is winding down or just getting started, now is a great time to seek out some advice and tips from expert organic gardener Sally Morgan. In her new book, The Healthy Vegetable Garden, Sally explains the key principles of organic gardening. This book serves equally well as a primer for new gardeners and a refresher for the experienced. Sally is a British gardener, and I wondered whether that would make her book less useful to me as a US gardener. But soil is soil and plants are plants on both sides of the Atlantic, and Sally’s advice on soil care, planting, encouraging natural predators, and preventing pest problems from getting started rings true well beyond the bounds of her organic farm in Somerset.

—Fern Marshall Bradley, Senior Editor

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 Thinking in Systems by Donella Meadows 
In unsettled times, I find both comfort and inspiration in Donella Meadows’ classic Thinking In Systems. With clear, concise language, Meadows reveals a way to engage with the world—and offers readers prompts to explore a type of understanding that will help sort the complexities of the living systems around us—be it the climate, health, the economy, or (and maybe, especially) nature.

Beyond that, I continue to discover elegant sentences with ideas that resonate—and demand to be written down and taped to a wall above a computer screen so you can read and ponder daily.
—Sean Maher, Director of Marketing and Sales Analytics
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 Rebugging the Planet by Vicki Hird 

As someone who has always been a bit bug-phobic, I was surprised to find I enjoyed Rebugging the Planet. As it turns out, learning more about these tiny, fascinating creatures led me to respect and even welcome the occasional six (or more)-legged visitor. 

Vicki Hird’s writing is knowledgable but never dense, and her rebugging tips throughout the book have given me tons of actionable ways to rebug my corner of the world. I recommend Rebugging the Planet to anyone who wants to rewild their garden or anyone who cowers in the other room whenever a spider crosses their path. 

—Erin Skelly, Digital Marketing Assistant

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