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Celebrating the Power of Hobbies

Sharing a Letter from our Chairman & CEO

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Sharing a Letter from our Chairman & CEO
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Whether you do them alone to decompress, or in groups to create fun memories, hobbies can help introduce many wonderful life experiences.

Many of us found ourselves with a lot of free time during the pandemic as we physically distanced ourselves from colleagues, friends, and relatives. It was a great opportunity to discover new activities and learn skills. According to one study, 59 percent of Americans picked up a new hobby in 2020 and 2021.

Whether you took up painting, knitting, a musical instrument, baking, flower arranging, or any of the long list of potential pursuits, you likely left lockdown with new talents and a new source of joy.

Hobbies can be a powerful part of our lives. Among many other benefits, they improve our mental health. They can take our minds off life’s challenges, whether at home or the office. They’re also an antidote to loneliness. And they boost our self-confidence and give us something to look forward to. Above all, they can break us out of ruts and bring a fresh perspective to our lives.

Your hobbies also can give you a new reason to use your power and connect with other people who share your passions. As social creatures, we appreciate anyone who might have the same interests as we do, and we enjoy sharing those extracurriculars with others whether it’s at work, in our own neighborhood, or in online communities.

Finding new hobbies today

Thankfully, the worst of the pandemic appears to be behind us, and most of us have resumed some semblance of our pre-2020 lives. But a return to offices doesn’t mean you should stop pursuing new hobbies. It just requires a commitment and advanced planning.

Mike, a member of our community, recently shared that he was struggling to find an activity to do with his son. Mike thought back to the hobbies of his youth – and thought he’d give model rocketry another try.

He and his son drove to a local hobby shop and picked up a rocket kit. Over the next few weeks, they painstakingly assembled the orange rocket in their garage. Once done, they found a club that hosted weekend launches at a nearby farm.

On launch day, they found a crowd of amateur rocketeers gathered to launch their creations into the sky. They were delighted when their orange rocket safely parachuted down to Earth to the cheers of a dozen new friends!
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We’d love to hear about your hobbies – both new and old – and how they’ve enriched your life, strengthened your relationships, and extended your community.
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More hobby ideas

It’s never too late to start a hobby. And during the winter months, hobbies are a great way to keep yourself busy indoors – that is if your hobby isn’t outdoor gardening!

The best hobbies are the ones you can do with other people. That’s one of the reasons is collaborating with a company called Yaymaker, which turns hobbies like painting into fun group activities in bars and restaurants across the United States.

Paint Nite is one of Yaymaker’s most popular offerings. During each event, an instructor shows attendees how to paint a picture while everyone enjoys food, beverage, and conversation. It’s an artistic twist on an ordinary night on the town.

For more than a decade, Paint Nite has helped people of all ages and skill levels come together for an evening of fun, drinks, and painting. Dan Hermann co-founded in 2012, after taking part in a social painting event. “It took me back to some of that childhood joy — being creative, doing something purely for fun, and being at play with other people," he says. “I saw a path to bringing this alive for people everywhere."

Paint Nite attendees routinely praise their experiences as “fun," “upbeat," “awesome," and other such glowing adjectives. “I strongly recommend going — no matter age or skill level. You will not regret it!" says Dennis Casto of the Paint Nite event that he took at Jake Rooney's Restaurant in Harwich Port, Massachusetts. “It was a diverse group, and we all had fun and laughed."

For Leeyan from Tillonsburg, Ontario, these events hold deeper meaning.
“I have terminal cancer. When my best friend asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I told her that all I wanted was more time — time to spend with my loved ones, time to make memories, time to laugh. That year she gave me our first Yaymaker experience. It was just what I wanted and needed."
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Finding hobbies at Alice’s Table

Another avenue for exploring new hobbies is Alice’s Table, which joined our family of brands last year. Throughout the year, its talented hosts hold engaging virtual and on-demand workshops on a variety of pursuits, like flower arranging, cooking, and entertaining. Admission includes all the ingredients needed to join in on the fun.

As winter approaches, hobbies are a great way to keep busy indoors. Alice’s Table is a great way to try something new with family and friends without having to leave your home. Check out upcoming workshops on creating autumnal flower arrangements, Thanksgiving centerpieces, and holiday wreaths.

We hope that fall brings you the opportunity to create some wonderful memories around your hobbies. Or, if you don’t have one, that we have helped provide you with some ideas on how to start a new pursuit!
All the best,

Chris and Jim
Chris Jim Jim
Reflections on the Queen’s Services

Last week’s reflection on Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral and the role of flowers in our lives brought several responses from members of our community. Here are a few:
“I was a florist and event planner for 10 years. Flowers were the most personal way to let others know your feelings without saying a word. I enjoyed so much being part of my customers’ lives. … Sadly, I closed my business, but the joy in their faces when they see the flowers is something you never forget.”

– June F.

“It’s fascinating to read about the role flowers have played in our lives through history. For me personally, I’m drawn to them not only by their beauty and scent but by their delicate and precious nature. They remind me of life itself!”

– Rita C.

“I don't wait for a special occasion; I like to present flowers for no reason at all.”

– Heide W.
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We all know what retail is, but have you ever heard of Metail?

What’s the definition of Metail? It’s simple; the customer is in charge. Consumers are now calling the shots by using their dollars to make their voices heard and spending on businesses that share their values.

Jim got the pleasure of sitting down for an interview with his new friend, Joel Bines. Joel, Managing Director at Alix Partners, noticed this phenomenon and defines it in his new book, The Metail Economy. He shares how businesses must take heed of their patrons’ voices in order to survive in this new retail environment.

In this week’s Celebration Chatter, Joel and Jim discuss the relationship between businesses and their customers and the way they interact online and in person. While eCommerce allows businesses to expand the number of relationships they can have, is that a substitute for the personal touches of brick and mortar?

You can hear the full conversation on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.
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celebrations pulse
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Written by our Founder and CEO, our Celebrations Pulse Sunday Letters aim to engage with our community. From sharing stories to welcoming your ideas, we want to help you to express, connect, and celebrate the important people in your life.
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