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Drake Equation Special Offer and Explainer | Future Scientist for Kids

Our Drake Equation tee is back and we have a deal to get some Free Drake swag for just $25

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The Drake Equation was formulated in 1961 by Frank Drake. Its purpose was to present a rational way to calculate the number of actively communicating advanced civilizations that could potentially exist in our galaxy.
Then 57 years later we created the Drake Equation t-shirt. Perhaps a less historically important event, but an exciting development for t-shirt wearers everywhere. Our deal for this week is when you buy any copy of The Drake Equation tee or Print from this Gift Set listing we will throw in a FREE Drake Bumper Sticker (above, upper left) AND your choice of a FREE Drake Galaxy sticker, cling, or magnet (above, lower right). No coupon code is required for this deal.
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For those of you who don’t know how it works, here is a little explainer. The R∗ represents how many stars are in the galaxy. Then Fp is the fraction of those stars that have planets around them. Ne is the average number of those planets found within the “habitable” region of that star. This is the last of the variables that we are currently able to make guesses for based upon real data, after this it gets hard. Fl is how many planets develop life, while Fi is how much of that life actually goes on to develop intelligence Fc is how many of those civilizations are making themselves known by broadcasting with radio, or using lasers, etc. Then finally L considers how long that window of sending signals might remain open. A civilization may destroy itself, but it can also just go silent for technical reasons; they might all get wifi and stop broadcasting beyond their own planetary surface. Add all these variables together and N would represent how many civilizations currently exist in our own Milky Way Galaxy.
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Our new Society for Science Shop was unofficially opened in May for ISEF 2022. Now that the event is well past, here is another item that will continue to be featured in the future official shop.
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Inspired by futuristic science-fiction typography. However, those future scientists of tomorrow are here today and it is time we started to point them out! Future Scientist is available in sizes T2, T3, T4, T5, and in kids sizes XS, SML, and MED. There is also a bumper sticker.
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