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Get Our Planet Finders Tee Celebrating Kepler, Tess, and Spitzer | Hubble is the Tee for October | Dart goes Boom!

Our Planet Finders tee is now shipping, Hubble is next and DART’s boom as seen from ATLAS.

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Our new t-shirt celebrating the space telescopes which are dedicated to finding extra-solar planets has arrived and is now shipping! Thanks largely to these three missions, we are around 5,157 confirmed exoplanets and counting. Kepler alone has found 3,000+ of these, Tess has found 66 (with 2,000+ more candidates) and Spitzer (whose primary mission was not planet discovery) was responsible for finding the Trappist system which contains a record-breaking seven Earth-like planets with three located within that system’s “habitable” zone
Planet Finders comes in a unisex fit and in styles for women. See also the new holographic style stickers for both Tess and Kepler, the mission sticker for Planet Finders, as well as the tee and sticker for the James Webb Space Telescope featured in our previous newsletter.
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People have been asking for this mission design for years… Our Space-T for October is for The Hubble Space Telescope. Launched in 1990, Hubble has been a workhorse for observing the overall cosmos and was the first orbiting telescope of its class. Even making itself available to observe dramatic changes in our own solar system with events that would have otherwise gone unnoticed.
Be among the first to get our newest design by joining our Space-T of the Month Club. Choose between a three, six, or twelve month plan and The Hubble Space Telescope will be your first to arrive. 
Designs from the club’s previous three months include Planet Finders (as mentioned above), James Webb Space Telescope, and the Apollo-era Lunar Roving Vehicle.
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The impact animation as seen from the DART spacecraft itself has been going around, but look at this view from ATLAS. Judging from this, the video from the LICIACube chase satellite should be incredible when processed.
Finally, all the space telescopes.
Oh? What’s this? The Roman Telescope?

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