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Seven New Designs Added to our 50% Off Page. Plus There are Still Free Tees to be Had. No Codes Needed!

Now 50% off: Sci-Not-Fi, Philae, Apollo LRV, Red Rover, One Giant Leap and More!

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Block 2nd
PRICED $12.50 TO $14.50
We listed four designs previously sold at retail to our 50% off page (see below). We also have plenty of “older” designs added a while ago like the original Curiosity tees, Better Know an Asteroid, and the Planetfest '21 and '81 to name a few. As for sizes, the current collection includes something for all sizes from XS to 4X and everything in between!
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Block 6th
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Block 10th
Block 11th
You can actually use this 50% off deal to get one of those FREE TEES we have been on about for awhile now! We also just moved two more designs into the free page: Islands of Radiotopia and the Big F**king Rocket Pop.
There's still 200 free tees left to distribute to our loyal subscribers. Get a half-priced tee from above and then add a free tee to your cart. Two tees for $12 to $15 (depending on size). Our page of free tees for women can be found here as well, but this will be updated with new designs next week. No codes needed for any of these deals. 
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As mentioned above: A slew of new 50% off
women's designs will be added next week.

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