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Space-T for April is Viking! | No Strings: FREE Zod Sticker | ISEF in Atlanta GA

The Space-T for April is the Viking landing. We also have a totally free sticker for you.

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Order before May 5 and Viking will ship to you ASAP and will arrive in early May. Viking 1 was the very first probe to execute a soft landing on Mars and return images from the surface. Then two short months later, Viking 2 repeated the same feat.
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The Monthly Space-T Club is a gift that keeps on giving… for 12 months, 6 months or for 3 months. After subscribing, each month a new space exploration themed tee will arrive on yours (or a recipient's) door step.
ABOUT THE ILLUSTRATION: For our Viking Spacecraft Poster we wanted to illustrate something that was impossible to record: Viking as it approached the Martian surface. Surprisingly, all the historic animations we found show the probe landing with the surface sampler partially deployed. Thanks to 3D modeler and archivist Tom Dahl we were beautifully accurate in our rendition. He modeled the correct landing configuration and did it with a view from slightly below (also rare)! 
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This is a bit of a screw up on our part. We made these too small (2.5"x3"). Zod himself would have us torn apart for depicting him at such a diminutive scale. So for our subscribers we are offering this sticker for FREE. Just apply the code KNEELFORFREE at checkout and you pay only $1 for shipping. That’s it! Free.
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The International Science and Engineering Fair is the most prestigious science fair for high school students in the country and Chop Shop will be there May 8 and 9. Congratulations to the forty 2022 finalists! See you in Atlanta, Georgia.
As usual, thanks for being a subscriber. 
Soon we will be working with more science than just space!
Look for a big announcement next month.

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