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Space-T for June is the Apollo LRV! | Discounted $7 Sticker Set | Pseudoscience in 1976 and 2022

The Space-T for June is the Apollo Lunar Roving Vehicle. Join the Space-T Club!

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Join the Space-T of the Month Club before the end of June and LRV (Lunar Roving Vehicle) will ship to you ASAP and will arrive in early July. First used on Apollo 15, the LRV became the first vehicle to be driven by humans on the surface of another world in 1971. 
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The Monthly Space-T Club is a gift that keeps on giving… for 12 months, 6 months or for 3 months. After subscribing, each month a new space exploration themed tee will arrive on yours (or a recipient's) door step. See above for the current LRV design as well as previous months’ Viking [ men | women ], Yuri’s Night [ men | women ], and Your Place in Space for Planetary Society [ men | women ].
Looking for more Apollo related items? See also our full Apollo themed catalog which features a board game, posters, tees, stickers, and more.
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We are currently phasing out our 3" mission stickers to make them all 3.5". Since we had a fair amount of the 3" ones for Voyager, Cassini, and Sputnik we made this special $7 sticker pack that features all three for only $7. 
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Our new Society for Science Shop was unofficially opened last month for ISEF 2022. Now that the event is weeks past, we will be highlighting the more evergreen items that will become features in the shop when it officially opens.
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The image presents a four-headed dragon breathing fiery false claims including mind bending spoons, the Bermuda Triangle, UFOs, and planetary symbols of the Zodiac. Considering the proliferation of conspiracy theories today, we would only need to replace Uri Geller with Flat Earth to bring this 46 year-old design up-to-date. Available in styles for men and women.
As usual, thanks for being a subscriber. 
Remember that Kickstarter we mentioned? 
Still coming.

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