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The Space Telescopes Store is Open!

Tees, and stickers featuring James Web, Hubble, Kepler, Tess and Spitzer.

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We are celebrating the most incredible space telescopes of our time! Leading the way is the James Webb Space Telescope, always in the headlines equipped with some truly remarkable technology. Right behind it is the Hubble Space Telescope, a workhorse that has been delivering stunning images of the cosmos for over 30 years.
Finally, a suite of the three most important planet finders: Kepler, Tess, and Spitzer. 
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The James Webb Space Telescope, just launched in 2021 is already beginning to revolutionize our understanding of the cosmos. Embedded into the design is a timeline that illustrates just how far back in time JWST is expected to see. Redshifting nearly all the way back to the Big Bang itself and exploding with galaxies into the modern-era.
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The Hubble Space Telescope is the one which has been dazzling us with its discoveries for decades. A workhorse of astronomy for over 30 years. This design is backed with an image Hubble took of the Cat’s Eye Nebula, and features a nice reference to the historic Shuttle in-orbit repair mission of 1993.
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The planet finders have been instrumental in discovering thousands of exoplanets. Kepler alone has confirmed over 2500 exoplanets, while Spitzer discovered the Trappist system which includes seven Earth sized planets with three in the “goldilocks” region. While both of these missions are retired, Tess is the newest to the group and is currently operational with over 5000 candidates waiting to be confirmed.
There are screen prints, but also various other sizes available as archival digital prints which also happen to be more affordable. Then there are all the other Space Telescope products including tees, multiple styles of stickers, and a JWST cling. 
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