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Whatever Gets You Through the Total Solar Eclipse | Yuri's Night

Get Your Eclipse Safety Glasses Now | Reports of Counterfeit Glasses Already in the News

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We're just shy of two weeks away from the big event, and similar to what happened in 2017, articles about unsafe eclipse glasses are beginning to surface. In our own experience, we briefly unlisted two of our models due to some missing pages on certification test results! Don't worry… after a few days we secured the complete reports confirming their safety. Better than that— our glasses are included on the American Astronomical Society's Official Safe Glasses Page. Please, get your safe glasses now!
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SHIPPING IN USA: There is still plenty of time for shipping within the US to ensure arrivals by April 5th (a key travel day for many). We're switching all orders to Priority shipping as of today, post-12 Noon EST. This change is aimed at guaranteeing the prompt delivery of all orders. In case you are wondering… Priority shipping spans 1-3 days, excluding Sundays.
SHIPPING IN CANADA: We are still taking orders to Canada, but we cannot guarantee delivery to all parts due to remote locations and customs. For a better understanding of shipping times, all orders are dispatched from Pennsylvania, with most packages to Canada typically arriving within 5-8 days from the day they're shipped.
Remember there is more to an eclipse than just protective eyewear! We've got you covered with all the additional gear you'll need to celebrate the Eclipse on the big day, and to serve as nicely designed keepsakes for years to come.
Special thanks to John Lennon for his hair on the top image. 
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Although Yuri's Night is officially celebrated on April 12th, events can be found normally on the weekends before or after. You can also throw your own party! Whether you prefer a Friday night bash, a Sunday brunch, or a Thursday afternoon gathering at a school, all options are great. Grab some YN swag here to make it official!
Those Milestones in Space Glasses are finally in production!
We expect to begin shipping by the end of April.
Note: Our Twitter account is gone. We're now on Threads

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