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Lootin' up a storm. Looterkings is $2.15 today!

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Is this your brand on Milled? You can claim it.

Hey, ! Looterkings is $2.15 for the next 24 hours. Daily Deal
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Looterkings is a procedural dungeon-crawler you can play online in coop-mode with up to 3 of your friends. Loot as much as you can on your way up from the dark caves beneath earth to the surface, gear up and reach your ultimate goal ravaging the hallowed halls of the Elven Queen, eventually.


Dungeon Crawler


Funny Co-op Action


Rogue-lite Gameplay


Unique Art




My master, my glory.

Yes? What is it? And don’t wait all day to answer me, either. I’m the Queen of the Elves.

Y-you are and I will NEVER forget it, my joy.

So? What did you want from me, scout?

Oh! Umm, okay, so I know this is super weird, but we’ve been receiving some strange reports from down in those caves we use as the barrier for where Elves are allowed to tread.

If you don’t tell me what the news is right this second, I’m gonna cut the tips of your ears off and legally change your name to John or Brayden or whatever the hell other names human use. ...Gonny?

Ooh, uhh, no my tremendous gift, that’s pronounced Johnny, and that’s just John again with a few more letters. Uh, is your face okay? It’s bunching up real weird.

Please. News. Now.

Oh yeah! So we heard there’s like four little guys running around down there, ripping stuff up. Nobody’s gotten a super good look but everyone says they kind of have a Baby Yoda thing going on.

The Child.

What? What child?

He’s not called Baby Yoda, he’s called The Child. If you’re gonna quote my favorite show you should at least call the characters by their real names.

Apologies, my perfection.

Now what do you mean “ripping stuff up”?

Oh, you know, like, killing guys, stealing stuff, destroying property, the works. Normally we wouldn’t give a crap what goes on down in the caves, but it looks like they’re headed right for us.

The Childs?


The four The Childs?

Y...yes? What would you ask of us, my light?

Hmm...cast a randomization effect on the caves themselves. They’ll never figure out how to get up here if it changes all the time.

Yes, my pizza.


What? I LOVE pizza…

But yeah, uhh, I mean, that sounds easy enough.

Good. Good. I believe we’re dealing with some goblins, here. They’re total pushovers, but just be careful if they start climbing on each other’s shoulders.

Shoulders, my treasure?

Yeah, if they make enough of a stack, they can share their god-abilities with each other. It sucks.

Very well, my truest.

Okay, what is with the names?

Honestly? Not sure. Just trying to keep it fresh, I guess.

God, I don’t know what I expected...

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