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ClubShop Rewards

Mr. --there was an error in the previous email.

Email sent: May 8, 2021 1:23pm

Mr. - - I apologize; the link I sent you in my previous email was wrong.

If you want to take advantage of your 30% DISCOUNT as explained before and in the email reported below, please click here.


If you are already in love with your Clubshop business, but you're wondering when the best moment to confirm your GPS is, well...

NOW is the right moment!


Because only today, Saturday, May 8th (starting at 12h30), we're offering you a GREAT 30% DISCOUNT on your GPS Fee!


  1. Click HERE to log in to your Trial Partner Control Center with your ID# GG9930216.
  2. Once you're logged, click on the button CONFIRM YOUR GPS NOW.
  3. Fill the checkout form with the email address you already registered as a Clubshop Affiliate.
  4. Paste this DISCOUNT CODE - GPSFastMovers20210508 -  in the corresponding field and click "apply"
  5. Click continue to payment and proceed to select your favorite payment option.
The 30% discount will be automatically applied to your current GPS.

Bear in mind: This discount code is intended to reward the most determined people. That's why it's valid only until midnight (London, UK time) today, May 8th.

I can't wait to welcome you to our global team of Partners and help you build your monthly income!

Have Fun!

Fabrizio Perotti!
Clubshop Rewards

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