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Love peaches? Try these 6 recipes now

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Recipe Roundup from Southern Kitchen
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Grilled Peaches with Almond Cream

It’s time to break out the grill and get to making a sweet dessert you’ll crave until the last rays of summer have melted away. Peaches and almonds have a great affinity for one another, so pairing this nutty cream with caramelized grilled peaches is a no-brainer. Grilling this stone fruit  adds a light smokiness that brings depth to the dessert.

Peaches and Cream Tartines
Who says all sandwiches have to be savory? This open-faced one is loaded with fresh ingredients. The salty country ham isn’t the star of the show, it acts as a counterbalance to the syrupy flavor of the honeyed cream cheese, mint, vanilla, and peaches. A perfect summertime snack or lunch if you choose.

White Peach Sangria
White sangria is a great outdoor drink for the summer months with its lowish alcohol content. It allows you to take advantage of seasonal summer fruits, such as peaches and raspberries, which add floral notes and naturally boost the sweetness of the drink. 

Pro Tip: For a lighter, adults-only dessert, serve the wine-soaked fruit with some Spanish cheese and a drizzle of honey.



Dairy-Free Peach Cobbler Ice Cream
While there are many different recipes for dairy-free “ice cream,” this one most closely captures the texture of the real deal because the methods are the same. Hot coconut and almond milk are tempered into egg yolks and honey to form a dairy-free custard, which then gets reheated on the stove top until thickened. After chilling, the custard gets churned to incorporate air, then gets frozen.

Pro Tip: You’ll need an ice cream maker or the ice cream attachment for a stand mixer for this recipe. Also, in order to get a truly creamy texture the custard must be completely chilled.

Pickled Peach Salsa
Using your peaches in this fresh salsa is a great way to diversify your cooking creds. Tossing pickled and fresh fruit together is a wonderful way to harness sweetness and acidity into one tasty salsa. The sharpness of the onion and cilantro keeps it  from becoming too sweet, making it a delicious condiment for tacos, hot dogs, sausages, grilled pork or fish.


Bourbon Peach Cooler

I’ve made no secret of my love for peaches. Seriously, the last two newsletters I’ve sent out have had at least one of these summer stone fruit recipes in it. What can I say, it’s one of my favorite fruits!

I love their versatility. Delicious on sweet desserts, hearty salads or even thrown onto the barbecue to top tender ribs--what’s not to love? Besides thinking of a ton of new ways to sneak them into dishes floating out of my kitchen, I’m also a fan of adding them to cocktails. You should know this about me, I love bourbon. Thanks to this Bourbon Peach Cooler, I get to marry two of my favorite things in one ice cold glass. 

If you’re as obsessed with this fruit as I am, save a few slices to add to your new favorite summer cocktail. Nothing says Southern like the combination of peaches, iced tea, and bourbon. All you need is a front porch and a light breeze. The peach brings out the pear and butterscotch notes of the bourbon and adds a delicate sweetness that is a treat for your weary taste buds.

Make sure you pace yourself with these, just because they’re a little fruity, doesn’t mean that they don’t pack a heck of a punch. Enjoy responsibly!

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