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Nostalgia, simplicity, plants and vegetables at chef John Fraser's restaurant

Email sent: Jul 27, 2021 8:03am
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Chef John Fraser on Re-Opening Ardor at the West Hollywood EDITION

We discuss how playfulness, nostalgia and simplicity all come together at this thriving restaurant

Walking through the front door of Ardor at the West Hollywood EDITION feels akin to stepping into a lush sanctuary, with fresh, verdant greenery filling the space with romance, tranquility—and a sense of expectation. Michelin-starred chef John Fraser recently re-opened Ardor to share a new menu of vegetable-forward dishes made with local produce and inspired by an array of global flavors. Known for making super-fresh vegetables ... Read More


Cacao-Infused Raw Mushroom Honey Three-Pack

A selection of superfood mushroom honeys, Mycro’s Super Stack three-pack features eight-ounce jars of their Calm, Vitality and Immunity iterations, all of which adaptogens from various types of fruiting body mushrooms and herbs into cacao-infused honey (which preserves nootropic effects). One spoonful of the delicious, nutrient-rich mushroom honey is recommended each day in order to improve digestion, reduce anxiety, encourage drive and more—depending on which ... Read More


Cities Continue to Hire Chief Resilience Officers to Address Climate Change

Amidst the myriad extreme weather events globally, city and county governments in the US continue to hire Chief Resilience Officers in an effort to address the effects of climate change. Once grant-funded (through efforts like the 100 Resilience Cities initiative from The Rockefeller Foundation, which ran from 2013-2019), these roles are now full-time government positions that help cities and local leaders to prepare for and ... Read More


Lil Nas X feat. Jack Harlow: INDUSTRY BABY

Lil Nas X continues to triumph and tantalize (and torment homophobes in the meantime) with “INDUSTRY BABY” featuring rapper/singer Jack Harlow. The video, directed by Christian Breslauer, is a colorful, vibrant celebration of homoeroticism, Black men, queerness, sex and freedom—all in Lil Nas X’s now-familiar playful style (and even nods to his partnership with The Bail Project). The song itself provides Lil Nas X fans with yet ... Read More


Artist Jillian Mayer’s “Life-Saving” Lake Sculpture at SECCA

Upon the lake outside of Winston-Salem, North Carolina’s Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art (SECCA), artist Jillian Mayer has positioned her largest sculpture to date—aptly named “LAKE SCULPTURE”—for her solo exhibition TIMESHARE. This clever multimedia exhibit reflects upon survivalist subcultures, as well as infrastructural and environmental collapse. The floating “LAKE SCULPTURE” references another of Mayer’s works also on view, “A Sculpture Can Be Used As A ... Read More



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