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Jacques Le Corre

Ben Affleck's Greatest Role Is Tabloid Star

Email sent: Oct 14, 2021 5:02pm
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Ben Affleck will have appeared in three movies by year’s end — with two more films on the 2022 horizon — but can you name a single one? Perhaps you’re remembering the image of Ben and J.Lo boarding a vaporetto taxi boat during the Venice Film Festival this summer, thinking, They must have been promoting something? The thing is, one could argue that the man who leapt into real celebrity with one hand in Matt Damon’s and the other saluting Harvey Weinstein for making Good Will Hunting happen is now more famous for being a tabloid star than for any one film role he’s inhabited. It’s a curious predicament that Vulture decided to explore in a series of stories, marking an unofficial Ben Affleck Day. Alison Willmore’s essay on the ineffable quality that makes us all want to watch Affleck is a great place to start.

— Katherine Brooks, deputy editor, Vulture
Ben Affleck Plays Himself
Becoming a tabloid star gave the actor his best role ever.
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