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Jacques Le Corre

Keith McNally's Post-Manhattan Plans

Email sent: Oct 13, 2021 5:01pm
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An argument could be made that Keith McNally — the restaurateur behind Pastis, Balthazar, and, at least when it first opened 40 years back, before he had a falling out with his partners, the Odeon — invented a certain idea of the city. As Matthew Schneier writes in this profile, McNally’s New York is “a place of sloshing martinis at all hours and tables for the elect, the few, and the favored — but if you don’t mind waiting, we might be able to squeeze you in at the bar — where every business meeting is a party and every party a potential business meeting.” But now McNally is 70 and has had a stroke, which limits his ability to communicate except over email and via Instagram (bio: “Deadbeat New York Restaurateur”), which he joined at the start of the pandemic and where he has been acting out ever since. And he’s suffered a nasty bout with COVID, which also damaged his once highly profitable restaurant mini-empire. But he’s still fighting. The question is for what.

— Carl Swanson, editor-at-large, New York
Keith McNally, to Go
The post-COVID, post-Manhattan plans of the most Manhattan of restaurateurs.
Photo: Hannah Whitaker by New York Magazine
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