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Here are ways to help kids through it!

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Here are ways to help kids through it!
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According to a 2009 Study, 1 in every 6 children* has a Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) which makes it hard to function and learn at school.

While sensory processing issues are often seen in children diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (1 in every 54 children have ASD**), they can also be found in those with ADHD, OCD, and other developmental delays—or with no other diagnosis at all. 

One thing most children with SPD have in common includes being sensitive to certain sounds and loud noises, light, and other stimuli that are overwhelming or distracting.

According to teachers and experts who specialize in working with kids who have SPD, listening to calming, soothing sounds at just the right volume can be very helpful to ease any distress. 

So, it came as no surprise that what was initially created as a sleeping aid for adults back in 2015, CozyPhones quickly became a go-to for parents of kids with SPD & ASD. 

Melissa Daniele of Willowick, Ohio, had been searching for that perfect pair of headphones for quite some time for her six-year-old son, Gianni. He was diagnosed with SPD a few years ago and daily activities had become a struggle for him. 

"I would definitely recommend CozyPhones as a parent of a child who has SPD and as a licensed counselor who works with young children who suffer with severe mental health disorders," Daniele said. "I work in an alternative school with 11 kids ages five to 9 who have severe ADHD and really struggle to manage their attention even when doing their preferred activity like playing on a Kindle or video game or even listening to a story."


Get the convenience of volume-safe headphones while enjoying the comfort of the original CozyPhones' soft lightweight headband. Available in 15+ Characters the kids will love! 

Click here to learn more about the benefits of CozyPhones for children with SPD & order online today.

Trish from Grapevine, Texas, said her seven-year-old son is a lot like Daniele's son, Gianni. "Headphones never worked for us so I didn't think much about it at the time," Trish said. "Ear buds hurt his ears and don't stay in. Regular headphones have never really fit his head and fall off. But CozyPhones stay on and are soft and comfortable to wear. He doesn't mind wearing them and actually keeps them on!"

When you choose CozyPhones, your decision comes with peace of mind in knowing you are joining thousands of happy families that absolutely love CozyPhones. You'll get an exciting, simple to use, super comfortable solution for your little one to enjoy music and audio without any issues—or risk of hurting their little ears. 

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✅   Tangle-free cords!

✅   NEW Wireless styles

✅   Machine washable

✅   Volume-limited & kid-friendly controls

✅   Up to 7 hours playing time

✅   Super soft & stays in place

✅   Ultra-lightweight & non-slip

✅   Safe for little ears


"Things like music and videos help to calm my son so I decided to give these a try. They are the best thing ever! They work great, stay on, and don't bother children with special needs."



"Amazing! Great buy! We love these! We had the Shark corded ones and they were great and we jumped on getting blue tooth ones! The speakers don’t move in these which is nice and my son can walk around with them without worrying about cord."



"We got to see these at the NY toy fair and met with the inventor. Our 4 year old will love these, great product and company!"



"So soft, comfy and efficient for kids. These arrived way ahead of estimated delivery date. They are wonderful we love not having any hanging wires. They connect without any issues, charge super fast, and are no hassle to adjust."



"Great product, well made. Comfortable for kids. Product is exactly like described. Fast delivery too. Best idea to hit the market in a long time. I was also glad to see that the company is vet. owned."

—Nichole R.


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This Content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

*childmind.org  **autismspeaks.org


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