Striking the balance between risk and reward.

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See how different commercial real estate investment opportunities measure up.

The balancing act between risk and reward.

Build a commercial real estate portfolio that meets your goals. 

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As they say, “high risk, high reward.” Riskier investment opportunities, like early-stage VC funding, often target a high return as a way to justify the risk to investors. Less risky investments, like bonds, generate a lower return but are generally considered a “safe bet.”

Commercial real estate investments can fall anywhere on that spectrum depending on the type of project. There are four common investment risk profiles: core, core-plus, value-add, and opportunistic.

Core deals are often considered the least risky commercial real estate investment. Typically fully-leased with high-quality tenants, these properties need few repairs or improvements and are often in major metros. They may generate lower returns overall, but are much more likely to have monthly or quarterly cash flow.


On the other end of the spectrum, opportunistic deals are usually the riskiest investments. The sponsor may be executing a complicated business plan, like rehabilitating or developing a property, and investors are counting on many things going right. But the higher risk can mean a higher reward when the property sells.

Understanding Risk vs. Return

Compare the relationship between the amount of risk vs. potential return (or loss) associated with each type of property.

Building a diversified and risk-adjusted portfolio means finding a balance between risk and reward. The CrowdStreet Marketplace has published more than 400 deals since 2014, giving you the ability to build a portfolio that meets your personal investing criteria, including your appetite for risk.



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