Alliances and Betrayals...choices matter in Crowfall

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Crowfall Guild Alliances (Update 6.100) is now live!

Crowfall Guild Alliances (Update 6.100) is now live!

Guild Alliances are now live in Crowfall! The Guild Alliance system is one more signature feature going live as Crowfall continues building momentum toward launch.

The ability to ally with other guilds has been a highly anticipated feature for Crowfall. Guild Alliances adds yet another impactful choice to the set of dynamic options players have in siege wars. Players looking to leverage the Alliance system will find that it is easy to join or disband guild alliances (of up to 5 guilds) using the new interface. Additionally, players in alliances will not be treated as enemies, both guilds gain full access to city resources without the risk of attack by guards, and can share in the benefits of allies’ cities -- while retaining individual scoring in terms of Divine Favor and victory points. Alliances can be created and disbanded at any time, and are unique to each campaign, so your ally in one war might just be your rival in the next. This feature gives rise to a whole new dynamic, in which players can move in and out of alliances inviting political plots and intrigue on a massive scale! 

“Following up on our Beta launch last month, we are continuing to advance our release cadence, focusing on the list of features we want to deliver for launch,” explained Coleman. This is one of the key features in that “must have” group.

The update offers several additional quality of life features including Faction Chests, Mounts giving players the benefits of riding into battle astride a regal equine steed, or intimidating Spider, plus a new crafting interface that enables the production of resources and components en masse.

Play now to experience these great new features as you ride into battle. 

Beta Grows moving closer to 50,000 Invited!

Crowfall Beta continues to gain momentum as we near the first big milestone of 50,000 people from the registered beta group, now invited to join. Many of our Crowfall affiliates are helping to grow our ranks with Beta Key giveaways. If you have friends who are getting excited about Crowfall and interested in getting a first-hand look at the game as soon as possible, please recommend they check out the Crowfall Affiliate streamers on Twitch. They can get connected, as can you, by following us on Twitter. Affiliate streamers are giving away Beta Keys following the release of each beta update and offer gameplay tips and special content including streams dedicated to getting started in Crowfall. For those who are already Backers, or who want to jump in immediately, remember that all Backers have access to the beta and can play right now by downloading the game. (If you are a Backer and don’t have access, please respond to this email and we will get you going.) 

The Early Bird Gets the Rewards!

Now is the time to recruit your friends into your Crowfall Guild! Between Official Beta and Launch!

The Early Bird Promotion offers Guilds rewards for feathering their nest right now! Recruit new players to join your existing, registered Crowfall Guild and they get a discount of 10% Off the purchase of any Backer Pack - plus your Guild gets 500 Crowns for every Crow recruited by the official Launch. 

We have recently updated our Guild interface making it easier for new Crows to find you. Please check out the new Guild tool and use it to your advantage in recruiting. 

The New Crypt

Many players have asked about the New Player Experience (NPE) and whether or not there will be more chapters released (The Calling, Update 5.125, included the release of Chapter 2). We are working on chapters 3 and 4, to release in future updates. In the meantime, until the next few chapters arrive in-game, we are adding a series of books into the Temple inside the Infected world--accessible to players beginning at level 15 (there is also a series of books in the Eternal Kingdom, located in the architect’s hours in the starting EK area).

There is a guide waiting to greet the new players who will advise them that there are books stored in the Crypt which offer insight into how Outposts, Forts and Keeps work. These guides will offer new Crows a brief introduction to those areas of the game - until the new chapters arrive. With every Crowfall update, we are going to continue to offer this type of new player guidance to ensure that players joining the game can acclimate faster and more successfully. One of the most appealing features of Crowfall is the unique gameplay experience. The guide system, combined with the new player experience, is our way of ensuring players successfully bridge the learning curve in a way that is authentic to the game!

#ICYMI - During the ACE Q&A SEPTEMBER LIVESTREAM which streamed on Tuesday, September 1, J. Todd Coleman (Creative Director) and Thomas Blair (Design Director) shared new information about what’s coming next for Crowfall and answered player questions about key features in the game! Check out the video to find out what you missed!

SAVE THE DATE: The next ACE Q&A Livestream is coming Tuesday, October 6 at 11 AM CT! 

Find out what’s coming next for Crowfall as J. Todd Coleman (Creative Director) and Thomas Blair (Design Director) share insights about new features coming in the next update.

Treat Yourself or a Special Crow to the Crowfall Collector’s Collection Pack - Now on Sale!

Many of you will receive the Crowfall Collector’s Edition as part of your Kickstarter package - this pack was conceived to celebrate the spirit of Crowfall with our loyal Crow community! This one of a kind Collector’s Pack is now on sale for $179.99 (Special Limited-Time Pricing). We have been working on the production of this special edition for the past year and cannot wait to get it into your hands. If you have friends interested in purchasing the Pack we are releasing a limited quantity for purchase (on a first come, first served basis). (Please note, this purchase is not available for gifting and will ship at the official release of Crowfall)

Crow Appreciation Rewards

Backers, we appreciate your support, all of you receive our special Crow Rewards! Wield this Fire-imbued weapon skin that turns any bladed weapon into a fiery sword of fury. Don the sigil of Fire that when equipped endows the Crow wearing it with a two-point reduction to the base experimentation difficulty of any recipe!

Interested in receiving this reward? All backers who purchase any Backer Pack on or before October 24, will receive this reward, and all future monthly backer appreciation rewards, FOR FREE at launch!

Check out all the great Crow Rewards and find out what’s coming next! 

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