ArtCraft announces Beta is Coming in August!

Email sent: Aug 7, 2020 11:46am
Crowfall Beta is Coming...Soon!

Prepare for Battle!

ArtCraft Creative Director, J. Todd Coleman announced today that Crowfall Beta will open officially August 11! On that date, the first Beta invites will be sent to those in the early Beta groups. Be sure to check your email over the next few weeks and prepare for battle!

“This is a huge milestone for Crowfall, and for ArtCraft,” explained Coleman. “We started this project with a bold, unique vision. We wanted to steer away from the theme-park design that has become ubiquitous to online games, and create a universe where the players are in control. An endless collection of unique worlds where player choices have real impact. Your actions will determine the history of this universe. Your decisions will dictate its future.”

Join the Battle

For those of you with friends and guildmates interested in joining Beta, it’s important to tell your friends excited about getting a first-hand look at Crowfall to sign up now to reserve a spot in Beta. For those already registered and interested in joining the Beta as soon as possible, they can purchase a Backer Pack offering immediate access to play now, ensuring they are one of the first to join the Beta! We look forward to seeing all of you join the battle in Beta!

Crows of a Feather

In light of our upcoming Beta, we’re helping to feather the nests of our committed Crowfall Guilds!

Crows of A Feather and the Guilds who recruit them get double the rewards between August 7 through August 23rd! Recruit new players to join your existing, registered Crowfall Guild and they get Double the Discount - 20% Off the Purchase of Any Backer Pack - plus your Guild gets Double the Crowns for EVERY Crow recruited by August 23rd. Feather your nest now and reap the rewards. Find out more!

A Call to Arms

This week Crowfall released its latest game update (5.125), the Calling, adding even more value to the fun of massive Guild vs. Guild siege battles. Playtesters are already calling this update an exciting addition. Check out the new features outlined below and login to heed “the Calling”. Join the conversation on the Crowfall community forums or social channels to share your thoughts with others rising to the call!

New Strongholds, New Strategies

Thanks to your feedback, we have added a host of new features to round out the Crowfall “Dregs” (Guild-vs-Guild campaign) experience.

First, we have added a new type of stronghold to the mix: the small Keep. To capture this stronghold, players will have to use siege weapons to knock over the looming stone walls, fight their way up the great spiraling staircase of the Donjon Great Hall and take out both wards and the Tree of Life -- in a castle layout with a tighter configuration of buildings optimized for the smaller guild who can marshal a strong defense with fewer players. Looking for the right stronghold to act as a home base for your guild? Ready to grab a foothold to start your burgeoning empire? Consider the new Keep as a contender for your new homebase for your guild or faction!

Additionally, this update introduces two new types of Forts, and a PvP option that replaces the need for risky caravan runs as your means of building your stronghold. The hillside Fort, built on a promontory for natural protection and improved visibility, offers automatic production of Timber, Ore, Stone, Dust or Gold to the capturing guild or faction. The larger “Palisade Fort” offers similar materials, with the added value of additional protection, in the form of wooden walls ringing the great lodge within. 

Both of these Forts produce building materials every hour, on the hour, which can be ported to your stronghold and used to build walls, towers, barracks and more! Much like Keeps, Forts can only be sieged during limited windows -- meaning that you’ll be much more likely to find action during peak hours, without having to log in to protect them in the middle of the night.

The list of available strongholds now includes outposts (small and large), forts (small and large) and keeps (small and large) -- with a calendar that shows you the capture window for each, and an event notification that triggers when enemy guilds arrive at your gates. The goal, as always, is to offer you choices… choices in what to claim, what to build, what to attack and what to defend. It’s up to you how you forge your path to campaign victory! 

First US & EU Campaign Map

This update also boasts our first “cross-continent” campaign, with a variety of strongholds (and siege windows) crafted to suit a mix of players in North America and Europe. With a shortage of strongholds and a constant need for supplies, guilds will have to use every trick in the book to gain a foothold on this map… and with players connecting around the globe, you can expect to find action at any time of the day or night!

Improved New Player Experience (NPE)

For those of you who haven’t logged in for a while, and feel like you’re a bit behind the Crowfall learning, worry not… we have you covered! Chapters 1 & 2 of the New Player Experience are now online and waiting for you in God’s Reach, our newbie world designed to let you learn the basics in a non-combat environment.

Crowfall still boasts the fastest leveling cycle you’re likely to ever find in an MMO -- with the ability to hit max level in just a few hours -- but with the NPE coming online, it’s easy to learn to use our core game systems. With the introduction of Chapter 2, players will now be introduced to the basics of Stronghold management: how to retrieve building materials from a mine, mill or quarry using caravan animals, how to use those materials to upgrade the buildings in your stronghold and how to use the the War Table to rank up your walls and defenses. (In a subsequent version we’ll add Chapter 3, which will focus on capture and siege mechanics, and thus complete the new player experience.)

At completion of this experience, players should be ready to join their campaign world, choosing from either the Infected (a 3-faction PvP world) or the Dregs, the competitive Campaign world where player guilds vie for dominance.

...And More!

This new update, the Calling, is definitely something to “caw” about as it expands the depth of the strategy game and moves Crowfall closer to Beta. It also addresses many quality of life and performance features you have been requesting, so be sure to login and check out increased framerate, improved environment lighting, new Victory Cards and more!
Remember, Beta is coming August 11 and we hope to see you in Beta, if not before. You are a big part of the Crowfall story! 

FIND OUT MORE about the Calling Game Update (5.125)

ICYMI - During the ACE Q&A AUGUST LIVESTREAM which streamed on Thursday August 6, J. Todd Coleman (Creative Director) and Thomas Blair (Design Director) shared new information about what’s coming next for Crowfall! Check out the video to find out what you missed!

Crow Appreciation Rewards

We appreciate your support, all of you receive our special Crow Rewards! Be a Backer by August 24th and get rewarded with Kane’s “Gunshow” emote! Show your enemies what is in store for them when they target you and your team by flexing your muscle in the spirit of Kane (aka “gunshow”)! 

Check out all the great Crow Rewards and find out what’s coming next!

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