Crowfall Unveils the new VIP Membership... and thats not all!

Email sent: Jun 10, 2021 6:24pm
Crowfall Announces a new CROW BASE PACK
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The VIP Membership offers Crows More Choices in How They Play

There’s more good news for Crows to celebrate this week as the full slate of features in Crowfall’s VIP membership were unveiled. VIP service offers a strong set of benefits designed to deliver value to Crows in the form of access and convenience. The VIP service announcement reinforces that Crowfall is on the road to launch, following on the heels of last week’s revelation that Crowfall’s ship date is set for July 6. Plus, the new Crow Base Pack back offers access to the game at the new rate of $39.99 USD!

The official Crowfall VIP Service, announced initially during the early Kickstarter launch, was shared with the community today in its final form. While delivering genre-defining innovation in the massively multiplayer segment by focusing on player agency, Crowfall is carrying that core value of player empowerment into the approach being taken with the VIP service. The service leans into features and benefits that offer players more choices in how they play. 

Crowfall’s VIP service offers members a variety of high value benefits including:

  • access to an unlimited free “respec” used to reset character talents and traits, anytime; a valuable benefit in a system where players choose from a set of 700 powers utilized across a variety of different battle scenarios--in a game where no two worlds are ever the same!  
  • increased item storage in the player vs. player Campaign World bank and the player’s personal vault; VIP members gain a 100% increase, or double, the available Campaign bank space, a high-value benefit specifically in Campaign siege battles where players are collecting resources and restocking critical supplies during siege wars that can last days or weeks
  • extended access to personal player worlds known as Eternal Kingdoms with +3-hours of uptime and the ability to set their Kingdom as “Public” or “Private”; a significant benefit as many players use their Kingdoms to host private battles, as a gathering spot for guilds and as in-game markets

There are four options to choose from when joining the Crowfall VIP membership ranging from one month to 12-month plans. The 12-month membership includes a grant of 18,000 Crowns, offering the highest value, at a 22% discount off the standard monthly rate. All four plans include monthly grants of bonus in-game currency (Crowns) as well as an exclusive monthly item reward. The service launches July 6, 2021 with the official launch of the game. Players who activate the VIP membership program in July (by July 31, 2021 at 11:59 CDT), or Backers who have already purchased the VIP service, will receive the exclusive Gryphon Mount - the July VIP membership reward!

Introducing the New Crow Base Back and a +1 VIP Bonus for all Backers!

Plus, today Crowfall also announced a new Crow Base Pack, lowering the price on the cost of the base game from $49.99 to $39.99 USD. Additionally, in appreciation of our community of Backers, starting today, all Crowfall game access (bundle) packs now include one free month of the VIP membership. Best of all, Backers who have already purchased a pack (as of June 8, 2021) will all be receiving one additional month of *VIP membership added to their service at launch (including Kickstarter Packs). 

It’s an exciting time, and as we begin the transition to a Live service, we retain our steadfast commitment to ongoing testing to ensure the quality of our game at launch.

Crowfall is on the Path to Launch - Key Dates for Crows To Know

Please be aware of the following key dates on the road to launch: 

  • On Wednesday, June 23, at 11:59 PM CDT (6:59 AM CEST), the free Beta phase of Crowfall will close. 
  • On Thursday, July 1, at 11:59 PM CDT (6:59 AM CEST), we will close the Beta Live Service.  At this time, we will wipe all characters, items, and Eternal Kingdoms on our Live servers, as well as reset purchases. The Test server will be available, anyone that has purchased the game can play with us as we test final updates for Launch.
  • On Thursday, July 1, at 11 AM CDT (6:00 PM CEST), we'll begin forum maintenance (expected downtime of one day).  We'll archive all threads and posts, excluding a few, and roll out a new Forum organization. If you feel a post should be preserved, message Ace-Tiggs. 
  • On Tuesday, July 6, at 6 AM CDT (1 PM CEST), Crowfall will officially launch our Live service! 
EARLY BIRD PROMOTION - Recruit Your Crows of a Feather...Fast!

Now that a Launch Date is announced it is a good time to recruit your Friends to join you in Crowfall - and get rewarded for your efforts

EARLY BIRD GUILD REWARDS - End at launch, hurry!

Earn Rewards:
Between the start of Beta Testing and Crowfall Launch

Guilds that recruit new (or existing) backers to join their guild, between the start of Beta Testing and Crowfall Launch, will receive 500 Crowns per backer in their guild wallet as of the official Crowfall Launch.

Any new or existing player (registrant or backer) who joins a Guild in this period will receive a 5% discount on their next purchase in the Crowfall Store (only good on next purchase after joining the Guild).

Something to Crow About 


JUNE CROW REWARDS: Crowfall Backers, we appreciate your support! All of you receive the monthly Crow Appreciation Rewards! The June Reward is Extended to July 5!

Be a Backer by July 5 at 11:59 PM CDT//6:59 AM CEST - Receive the Crow Spirit Mount & Crow Spirit Player Name Frame. We have extended the June Crow Reward in honor of Crowfall’s Launch!

Ride into battle on the Crow Spirit Horse imbued with the blue glow that ignites our Crow Spirit. A second reward comes along for the ride, the Crow Spirit Player Name Frame - a tribute to your Crow Spirit. BY THE 5TH OF JULY

NEW CROW REWARDS: Join Crowfall, by August 6th to Earn Exclusive Launch Rewards

Purchase Crowfall by Friday August 6 at 11:59 PM CDT to receive the Spirit Crow Sigil and Belt Totem! Plus, when equipped the Spirit Sigil & Crow Spirit Totem will bless this Crow with a +2% Damage modifier in honor of “Hero” the first Crow. 

Equipping these blessed items connects your Crow to the legendary “Spirit Crow” with its fully spread wings in the color of the Crowfall sky as you rise as a new Crow.

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