Dominate the Battlefield with New Domains!

Email sent: Nov 9, 2020 4:44pm
The Revival (Update 6.200) is Now Live!

Domains extend Player Specialization in The Revival (6.200)

The latest release for Crowfall Game, The Revival, is now live! The update delivers a significantly expanded set of specialization options players can choose from to create uniquely differentiated Crow builds. The impetus for this update came in large measure from player feedback; as players communicated their desire to create characters that were more uniquely differentiated. For that reason, the system is architected to offer players more options ensuring a deeply specialized and differentiated character build. 

The key innovation coming in The Revival is the introduction of “Domains”. This new system adds significant value by offering a deeper level of specialization to character builds. There are fifteen different Domains, each promotion class (sub-class) has access to three, from which players can choose only one. The Domains offer a themed group of Disciplines, for example, the Domain of Shadow or the Domain of War. The build system is multi-layered and builds are distinguished by the unique blend of choices players make beginning with Race, Class, and sub-class through to Domain and Disciplines. The multi-layered system ensures a very broad and diverse number of choices across the system. We look forward to seeing the diverse builds that emerge as the update hits the LIVE test server beginning today. 

For those in our loyal community who participate in playing on TEST, a note of thanks! Without your support, we would not have been able to deliver this innovative gameplay enhancement. Your participation in testing and providing feedback is a crucial part of the success of Crowfall!

Monster Month marked a Frightening Third Return to Crowfall

Beginning October 30, and running through November 1st, the Crowfall community joined in a dark “Crowfall” style celebration of Monster Month! Players were invited to compete in Crowfall decorating and GIF contests. Winners of the two contests were officially announced during the NOVEMBER ACE Q&A Livestream. Winning entries can be found here: MonsterMonth 2020

Crow thanks go to all the participating Crowfall Affiliates who joined the Monster Month Stream-A-Thon, the Studio team and our tester community for ensuring Monster Month 2020 was a frightening success!

Interested Crows can check out the Monster Month VODs at!

Also, be sure to check out the Streamfall Podcast from Friday, October 30, 2020. The stream team of @Equinar, @CrusaderW, @StormsteelP and @EzzorathTV did a great job discussing the key features of the new Domains, how Domains add value in the form of unique new build options, and shared some of what they saw as exciting new builds emerging. 

Treat Yourself or a Special Crow to the Crowfall Collector’s Edition Pack!

The Crowfall Collector’s Edition features a set of unique items produced specifically for our fans. These items were created to celebrate the spirit of what makes Crowfall unique! If you are a fan of Crowfall or have friends or guildmates interested in purchasing the Pack please be aware we are releasing a limited quantity for sale on with special limited-time pricing (on a first-come, first-served basis). Available while quantities last. 

Please note: This purchase is not available for gifting and all Kickstarter investors who are receiving a Collector’s Edition Pack will receive an email in advance of shipping requesting an updated mailing address.)

Crow Appreciation Rewards 

Kickstarter Backers, we appreciate your support! To show our appreciation, you receive monthly Crow Appreciation Rewards! 

Introducing the November & December Crow Appreciation Rewards!   

Dragon Sigil and Belt Attachable 
In tribute to Hero, the First Crow, who fought valiantly in the War of the Dragons wear this golden scaled Sigil or the Totem on your hip as an attachable and feel the power of the legendary Serpent King ignite your Crow spirit with a +2% Damage Bonus.

Eternal Crow Warcry Emote

Intimidate your enemies with the ferocity of a Crow warrior, that when threatened unleashes the Warcry Emote to evoke fear in all who see it!

Not sure how to receive this reward?  Purchase any Backer Pack on or before November 24, 2020, to receive the November reward (to receive the December reward; be a Backer by December 24) and all future Appreciation Rewards, FREE, at launch!

The Early Bird Gets the Rewards!

Now is the time to recruit your friends into your Crowfall Guild! Between Official Beta and Launch!

The Early Bird Promotion offers Guilds rewards for feathering your nest right now! Recruit new players to join your registered Crowfall Guild and they get 10% Off purchase of any Backer Pack - plus your Guild gets 500 Crowns for every Crow recruited by the official Launch. Check out the updated Guild interface making it easier for new Crows to find you and use it to your advantage in recruiting.



Mark your calendars now and Save the date for the DECEMBER ACE Q&A LIVESTREAM 

  • Tuesday, December 1st at 11 AM CT (6 PM CET) 
  • A Celebration of 2020 and a first look at what lies ahead in 2021! 
  • Don’t miss this exciting event with J. Todd Coleman (Co-Founder & Crowfall, Creative Director) and Thomas “Blixdev” Blair (Crowfall, Design Director)

Check out all the great Crow Rewards and find out what’s coming next! 

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