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Be one of the First to Join the Battle in the Crowfall® Beta Test!
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Congratulations! It’s time for you to join the Closed Beta Test for Crowfall® Game!

You registered for the Closed Beta playtest and now it’s your time to play! 

As a fan of Crowfall, you know that Crowfall stands apart from other Throne War games with infinite worlds set in a dynamic Universe, each offering different gameplay modes culminating in intensely competitive and action-packed battles where your actions can turn the tide of battle right up to the final seconds of the war.

As you join the Crowfall Closed Beta test, your actions in playtesting the game will have a great impact on our game and the quality of the experience we deliver at launch. A big part of bringing the Crowfall universe to life is ensuring that the gameplay meets the quality bar our community expects. For that reason, we are giving you and others in our community that are as excited and as passionate about this game as we are, the opportunity to play in our Closed Beta and unite with us in making Crowfall THE GAME that redefines the genre! Thank you in advance for your support!

Closed Beta Testing Information 
  • Closed Beta Start and Ending Times are subject to change; based on the progress of the Test. You will receive updates if you have opted into the Closed Beta opt-in on the Registration page. You can also check for updates on on which Beta Test information will be posted.
What to Expect:

Welcome to Crowfall’s Closed Beta! During your Closed Beta playtest period, registered players (who have not purchased a Backer Pack), are entitled to play for 30-days from the date of your invite (as a registered player). However, please note that Backers (those who have purchased a Backer Pack from the Crowfall Store) can play all phases of Beta and the game forever - if you want full 24x7 access now and forever, please visit the Crowfall Store to purchase any Backer Pack.

If you enjoy Beta Testing, we’ve got good news, you might be able to participate in a return visit after your initial testing ends. As we continue to test and iterate the game it is possible that Beta Groups may be invited back for additional testing periods. There is not currently a set schedule for the return invites but as the beta testing progresses through different phases we hope to invite early testers back again to playtest and share their feedback during later cycles.

During the playtest, you will take part in intense multiplayer cooperative and competitive battles across diverse worlds – and at the same time, you’ll be helping test the stability, performance, and balance of the game. To achieve our goal for quality at launch we will be asking you to contribute to the testing process in several specific ways as part of your commitment to the Closed Beta:
  • Please remember, this is a Beta, you will encounter bugs and features that are not working as designed; you will uncover balance issues that can negatively impact your play experience and you may encounter situations where the game performance is not optimized. When you confront one of these or any other experiences that detract from the quality of your play session, please let us know by posting the details of the specific issue(s) on our Closed Beta Bug Forum.
  • You may see features that are working as designed but that feel less exciting or are not as fluid, balanced, or rewarding as you would like; in those cases, please provide your feedback on our Closed Beta Feedback Forum.
  • Participation in completing our Beta Exit Survey is critical; you will receive the Beta Exit Survey link in an email you receive at the end of your testing period. We value your feedback and sincerely hope you share your input on your gameplay experience; it will take you no more than 5 - 6 minutes to complete.
  • Finally, remember you are playing in a Beta Test and not a live game. Part of our obligation to you is to listen to your feedback and it will inform our ongoing updates. During the Closed Beta, we will update the game as needed and reserve the right to close and reopen the service as required. We will give advance notice of closures by posting on the community forums and on the BETA INFORMATION page located at We also reserve the right to limit or conclude your involvement with the Beta program at any time, so we encourage you to make the most of your playtime. 
  • Game updates come in the form of new releases to the Closed Beta server. As we publish new updates, we may wipe the existing gameplay and all associated data meaning your experience from playing over the past few days will be lost. This is also a part of how we continue to refine, update, and test the gameplay throughout the Beta cycle. Please know that this is part of the Testing process – so expect to experience wipes during testing.
  • Lastly, a quick reminder that while playing in the Beta Test all of the ArtCraft Terms and Conditions, Rules of Conduct,  and Privacy Policy policies apply (linked at the bottom of every page on We expect our testers to respect each other while playing. Any behavior during the test that conflicts with these terms will be cause for action on our part and can result in removal from the testing entitlement. Thank you for your ongoing acknowledgment and adherence to these rules.
Please note, this invitation to join Closed Beta is associated with your Crowfall account and cannot be shared.

We look forward to hearing your feedback, and we will see you in Crowfall!

  1. Visit and click the big green button on the center of the page to download the Beta test version of the game - you must be logged in to your account to access and start the download. Then hit Play when updated!
  2. Check daily messaging on the Beta page, our home for all information related to the Crowfall Beta. The Beta page will be the source of the most recent information that you need to be aware of related to the current and upcoming Beta Tests.

By the way, you’re welcome to publicly share your War Stories and adventures in the Beta, so feel free to stream, record video, and post screenshots. Your feedback during Beta testing will directly impact the quality of the final game. Our team thanks you in advance for your support and we look forward to hearing your feedback!
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