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Cura della Scarpa is a historic shop located in Sesto Fiorentino, specializing in high-quality products for shoe care, such as creams, polishes, stain removers, and shoe inserts for any type of footwear. They also offer a wide range of leather buttons, repairs for leather goods, and high-quality leather belts made in Italy. Their selection of brands and products is a result of three generations of passion from their Tuscan family. Cura della Scarpa's point of differentiation lies in their extensive range of products for shoe care, including specialized items for different types of shoes and specific problems. They offer everything from cleaning sets for sneakers to dyes for refreshing and customizing footwear. Their commitment to quality is evident in their selection of leather goods and accessories, such as leather buttons and belts. Cura della Scarpa caters to individuals who value the longevity and appearance of their footwear and leather goods. Their products and services are for anyone looking to maintain and enhance the condition of their shoes, regardless of the type or material. Whether it's sneaker enthusiasts, leather shoe owners, or those in need of leather repairs, Cura della Scarpa provides solutions for all shoe care needs.
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