Don't eat another thing until you watch this

Email sent: Dec 17, 2020 5:00pm

Our food supply is broken.

Hi Friend,

Sometimes, it all just seems like too much.

Information is screaming at you from all directions: "Eat this!...Don't eat this!"

The truth is, the system is just broken.

The food we get in the supermarket or at a restaurant isn't always what it appears to be. Even worse, getting actual scientifically backed information about what you should be doing is nearly impossible.

When things get unbearably complicated, sometimes the perspective of an 11 year-old is what it takes to help us make sense of the world.

Check out one of my favorite TEDx talks from 11-year-old Birke Baehr.

In five minutes he adorably and rationally breaks it down for even the most overwhelmed of us.


Be Well,

David Goldberg
Founder & CEO of Curos

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