From Dr. Trutt - Immune support during this unprecedented event.

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My wife Erica and I came from "conventional" Emergency Medicine careers, and one of the silver linings of the current situation is: it's been gratifying to watch lines in the sand get washed away. The demarcation between "integrative medicine" and "mainstream medicine" seems to have vanished.

We've reconnected with colleagues all over the world, and everyone just wants to know: tell me what works?

We decided on supplement recommendations a few weeks ago, and I have revised them as better data became available. I am confident that the five best things to take to support your immune system during these unprecedented times are:

  • Quercetin
  • NAC (N-acetylcysteine)
  • Zinc
  • Green Tea
  • Vitamin C

The reasons for those choices take a bit of time to explain. The simplest way I can boil it down is:

  • Zinc can support the shut down of viral replication-- but it is very hard for Zinc to get into our cells
  • Quercetin and Green Tea are both "Zinc ionophores," which means they have the ability to 'open the gates' and usher zinc into the cell.
  • Quercetin also has another very special property, discovered in February 2020: it may make it more difficult for viruses to attach to our cells
  • NAC (N-acetylcysteine) boosts antioxidant levels, and supports a decrease in the effect certain viruses have on our lungs
  • Vitamin C and Green Tea, working together, have amplified effects on our ability to fight viruses

That is the best I can explain it while respecting FDA regulations. I will add that Canadian researchers are starting a clinical trial on Quercetin to seek approval for the treatment of certain viruses, but at this time, no supplement is FDA-approved for the prevention or treatment of any virus.

However, my patients have told me that when they try to order some of these ingredients online, they find that many of these items are on backorder, or unavailable.

Therefore, we have sourced the ingredients for you and put them into a 30-day supply, in daily packets at a very reasonable price point, so that this combination is now easily accessible to anyone.

A good friend recently asked me, "So if I know anyone who gets sick, should I refer them to you?"

I replied that a much better approach would be to tell them what to take BEFORE they get sick.

Link to my 30-Day Immunity Pack. This will help people.

Please spread the word!

Health and Happiness,

Dr. Josh Trutt

Chief Medical Officer + Co-Founder

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