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Here's some things to celebrate 🎉

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Is this your brand on Milled? You can claim it.

Yes, your booty is one of them.
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Hey Beauties!

Can you believe it's almost August?

I can't. I feel like we've been in lockdown forever, and that this year is both going by faster than a year ever has, but slower than watching grass grow. Anyone else with me on that? 🐢

I know we all want something to look forward I'm going to give you that, right now. When I think of August, no big holidays come to mind. So here's all the little ones that make me laugh, and are kind of cool.

August 1 - National Campfire Day

and it's also...

International Hangover Day


National Mountain Climbing Day

Sounds like a day that's destined for you to go camping, take a hike, sit around the fire, and drink a few beers, eh? 🍻

August 3 - Grab Some Nuts Day

Um, they're talking about, like, pecans and walnuts.

August 7th - International Beer Day

They really like their beer in August! And nuts.

August 10th - Lazy Day

You can do this on your couch!

August 16th - National Tell a Joke Day

And the entire joke can just be "2020!"

August 19th - National Potato Day

The potato can just be a couch potato. 

August 30th - National Eat Outside Day

This is a great way to end off the entire month, because, August is National Picnic Month!

Because having a picnic outside is something we're able to do while keeping physically distanced, I'm inspired. I've even picked you out an outfit that you need to wear while you're on your picnic:

It's Romance Awareness month, too - so who's about to be aware that they're going on a picnic date with you while you're all dolled up, eh? I love these leggings because you can wear them out and about, and then go straight into a workout if you want to, too. I think they're especially perfect for a picnic, because they're comfortable enough for you to sit down and move around in. Pair them up with a solid shirt like the one above to complement all the fun colors.

Now that you're all excited about the days to celebrate in August, and you have a picnic to go to, let's get excited about some other stuff. (I know I myself need something fun to look forward to!)

Here's a few of my favorite outfits to keep you going. In the meantime, you can wear these quarantine looks inside. But you can look forward to the day you get to debut these beauties in person.

I cannot get over this outfit. Especially with those chunky shoes.

These leggings are just the thing to step out on the town (mask on!) and grab some takeout grub with. Isn't the styling perfect? And you can actually fit your keys and phone in that pocket. I might just have to put this one on repeat.

Even if you're just sitting in the car waiting for your pickup, might as well look this good.

This aqua floral bralette makes life comfortable no matter where you are.

Okay. This last one definitely highlights the mood. Ha.

For real, there's nothing that's gonna brighten up your day like this...

When at home, might as well shine. That's the Neon Peep Show promise.

I hope you've got some outfit inspo going now.

It's that time again, for...Kelly's Weird & Wonderful Life 💖

1. My little mini human 💕

There's nothing more adorable to me in the entire world than him, and even more so him when we're matching. How could you not just absolutely love that face? I think he looks exactly like me.

2. Some Frenchie Love

Just wanted to show you a little bit of what my daily mood has been these last few months. On the other hand, look at this tiny little nugget! Ugh, so so cute. I love smooshing that face.

3. Challenge Accepted

Challenge accepted, but let's take a second and stop to remember what this challenge is for. Sure, it's about women empowering other women. It started to raise awareness about the violence against women that's going on in Turkey.

Instead of it just being a black and white picture of you, it's meant to say - this could be any of us.

These black and white photos actually represent the black and white photos quickly flashed across Turkish news channels and newspapers. The woman whose death sparked this movement is Pınar Gültekin - I encourage all of us to look into the meaning behind the social media movements we're participating in.

That's all for now. See you next week.

Embrace Your Body, Love Your Booty.

-Kelly Nishimoto and Team Cute Booty 💗


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