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Email sent: Apr 16, 2020 1:24pm

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We're looking out for you.


As many smaller company's have had to, Damson has adapted in these unusual times of economic lockdown. Our online sales are ticking over, although as you would expect, they're at a lower rate than normal. Hey, and our first retail store still hasn't opened for obvious reasons but we're ready to hit the ground running when we can!


So, we took the initiative to relaunch Damson Lab by offering personal protective equipment (PPE) for public/civil use. There's a range of products on offer from single use 3ply masks, multi-use KN95 4 masks and 75% alcohol hand sanitiser gel. 


As well as this, we have launched our "Supermarket Safety Pack" which features masks, gloves and hand gel that would see you through a 4 week period of visits to the supermarket, convenience store or chemist. There is no minimum order. 


Additionally, we have been working with ICU's in the UK, and in particular our local hospital, York Teaching hospital, where we have donated Damson Headbones X to doctors and nurses to aid their communications. In the course of this, a doctor passed comment if you're going to catch anything, it's more likely in a supermarket. Why? Because of the handles, shelves, trollies, baskets we all touch.  So, it's better to stay safe. 

Look after yourself guys and roll on 2021!

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