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Dance, meditate, breathe, play with fire 🤫

Do this to jumpstart your year with joy ✨

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Do this to jumpstart your year with joy ✨
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D.O.S.E. by Daybreaker

Hi friend,

Welcome to the future. A new year. A new blank slate to fill. And a powerful time to shift our focus, set new intentions and begin to do the work to manifest our dreams for 2021 and beyond. 🚀

So to help you jumpstart your year with joy (and stay accountable), you're invited to join us on a 14-Day Joy Challenge to maximize our two week free trial offering for D.O.S.E. by Daybreaker.

This potent challenge will guide you through a curated journey of our favorite joy practices—sound baths, meditations, yoga, dance aerobix, fire rituals and more. Each focused on firing one of the four neurochemicals that supports your happiness—dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin or endorphins (your D.O.S.E.). 🧠

Every day will bring something new—some will gravitate a little more “East,” and others a little more “West.” Some are just 11 minutes long, others 33. Some will be spiritual rejuvenation practices, while others will get your skin glistening. But all with a global community to support you for the ride. ✨

So for the next 14 days, let this be a powerful ritual you embark on to cultivate the joy you deserve. This is a chance to supercharge your mental, physical and emotional health as you dive into a new chapter in your life. And the science backs it up.


P.S. To understand how your body responds to the four D.O.S.E. neurochemicals, and which you need to supplement the most, take this free quiz developed together with the Greater Good Science Center (UC-Berkeley) to map your unique happiness blueprint. It just takes 10-15 minutes to get a personalized D.O.S.E. prescription. 💊

// The 14 Day Joy Challenge

Sign up for your two week free trial of D.O.S.E. by Daybreaker to begin your joy journey. Learn to biohack your happiness one day at a time with each of the powerful practices below. Cancel anytime.

Day 1

Day 1: Full DOSE

11 Min Chakra Opening | Brain-Body Activation with Radha

Align your sense of belonging, creativity, discipline + self-love and the power of your voice, intuition and purpose.

Day 1

Day 2: Dopamine

11 Min Meditation | Fuel Your Fire with Haile

This visualization practice will ignite your motivation & recalibrate your compass of purpose through the power of breath.

Day 3

Day 3: Oxytocin

33 Min DOSE | Warm & Fuzzies with Radha x Anjunabeats

Get a hit of oxytocin with a potent fusion of breathwork, calisthenics, spine lubrication, body tapping, chakra-opening and self-expressive dance—featuring music by Anjunabeats. 

Day 4

Day 4: Serotonin

33 Min DOSE | Loving-Kindness Gratitude with Karine

Exhale into gratitude and fill up on serotonin with a loving-kindness meditation, mini-yoga flows, expressive dance and deep stretching to cultivate a sense of presence.

Day 5

Day 5: Endorphins

11 Min Meditation | Euphoric Surge with Luna

Naturally soothe pain and discomfort while releasing trauma and arriving in the present moment. Be bathed in sound and learn to use breath as your medicine.

Day 6

Day 6: Dopamine

33 Min Bodyroll Aerobix | 80’s Supercharge with Viva

Call in the spirit of the ‘80s to tap into your inner drive, manifest what you want and courageously show up with poise. Head rolls, isolations, pony steps, and moves to get your hair flowing.

Day 7

Day 7: Oxytocin

11 Min Meditation | A Date For Yourself with Emily (18+)

Wake up your sexual energy, celebrate your creativity and enliven your body as you release any judgement or shame around your sexuality. 

Day 8

Day 8: Serotonin

11 Min One Song Dance Party | Unleashing Play with Radha

Connect to play, release your stress, let go of anxiety and move into joyful self-expression with a serotonin-boosting one song dance party.

Day 9

Day 9: Endorphins

11 Min EFT Tapping | Move Past Physical Pain with Jennifer

Rewire your brain’s automatic fight-or-flight response and understand the messages behind your physical pain with a microdose of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) therapy. 

Day 10

Day 10: Dopamine

33 Min Yoga Flow | Sharpen Your Focus with Karine

Drop your ego and connect to your inner wisdom through a series of poses that invite you to explore life with curiosity. 

Day 11

Day 11: Oxytocin

33 Min Bodyroll Aerobix | Groovy ‘70s with Viva

Feel your heart beating and your skin glistening as you move from a warm-up into dance moves, leg work and a how-to Hustle moment. Love your brain and bod more than ever.

Day 12

Day 12: Serotonin

11 Min Ritual | Anchor of Gratitude with Barbara

Burn through your fears, anxieties or grudges and move into an energy of calm, openness and gratitude with a serotonin-boosting burning ritual (aka play with fire).

Day 13

Day 13: Endorphins

33 min DOSE | Embracing Feminine Energy with Viva

Feel connected to your feminine strengths and empowered to embrace them. This one’s a potent fusion of stretching, core work, body work and self-expressive dance. For all genders.

Day 14

Day 14: Full DOSE

33 Min Breathwork | Power Rejuvenation with Dane + Aine

This simple circular breath technique, set to a guided sonic journey, will bring you into the present moment, restore inner balance and facilitate deep stress release.

And by the way, recent research says the more humans in your circle practice joy with you, the happier we'll all feel, both as individuals and as a community. So invite a few of your humans, and challenge them to do this with you.

Let's make this new year our most joyous yet.

See you in the waves...

With love & mischief,
// Your Daybreaker Family


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