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🎄HOLIDAYBREAKER // You're invited.

Last Saturday dance of the year. 9-12pm is ON. 😛

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Last Saturday dance of the year. 9-12pm is ON. 😛
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Ho ho ho ,

Can you hear the jingle jangle and sparkle of the holiday season? ✨ We're unpacking our ugly holiday sweaters, puckering up for our mistle-toe moment, we're bee-lining for Macy's at Herald Square to catch a glimpse of the windows and waiting for the first snowfall...brrrrrr ❄️, tis the season to hold each other tight, and pack it out on the dance floor. 

☀️ LAST TIX ☀️

Wow, family. 

Thank you for being a patron of our community for 9 years. Our hearts swell 💗 writing this love letter to you. To give you an example of how rare 9 years is, Studio 54 was only around for 3 years (1977-1980) and they still remain legendary. Well, this community is also legendary. To wake up and dance at sunrise, dress up, without substances and dance your hearts out — that's iconic.  Whether you've been once or dozens of times, this dance floor is here to hold you to your highest celebration or clean out your deepest sorrows. Dance remains the most ancient healing and celebratory technology that exists in the human experience — and it's up to us to keep it going. 
So this holiday season, and with our 9-year birthday 🎂 around the corner, we're celebrating one last dance in 2022 to close the year with a loving bang. 
Saturday, December 10th is on. Sleep in! 😴 9-12pm. We ain't as hardcore as we used to be. ;) 
Our OG crew is back: Elliott preaching the dance on the mic, Karine taking us home with yoga, Noah on the handpan and drums, Dude Skywalker (Fabio) on the decks, Darrell Thorne with his stilt walking creatures, House of Yes as our dance canvas — and all of you. 💃🕺🏼 


We hope to see you beauties there.

With love & mischief, ✨

// Radha, Eli, Elliott, Tim, Karine & Team Daybreaker

As always, we'll bring the bites and the bevs, including our OG clean energy partner, RUNA. We’ll also be sending you home with AG1 by Athletic Greens, packed with a healthy dose of vitamins, minerals, and whole-food sourced ingredients. 

Why our prices have gone up: We used to do 24 events per year or twice a month in NYC. Our new motto is "do less, better." Now we're doing 6 events in NYC (40 events/year or 2-3 tours around the country vs. 200 events pre pandemic). We are also paying our artists and talent more, venue prices and rentals have gone up and costs to throw dance parties with inflation and eke out enough to keep the lights on is harder than ever. In order to keep the sunlit dance floor moving, it's a deeper investment for our community members and partners but it's the only way. 
If you're experiencing financial hardship, please fill out this form, pay what you can and someone will get back to you. 
If you want to sponsor/partner with Daybreaker, please email [email protected]
How are we doing leading this community? We want to hear from you and what we can do better. Please share your feedback, comments, suggestions to [email protected]!
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Some words from our community 💬:
"That was a seriously awesome experience to know that there are people in the world that value self-care, self-love, sobriety and honoring ourselves in a positive freeing way, it was overwhelming.  I struggle to find friends that are healthy in this way and thank you for giving me hope that they are out there. This is a beautiful movement you have created. I am grateful for this community."
"I love the DAYBREAKER Fam and the joy dancing brings to my life! There’s a lot of heaviness in this world and my favorite thing to do not feel stuck is shake it off and keep it moving with LOVE!"
"I'd been wrestling with jealousy and resentment for days, and I felt that I could see these emotions and let them go."

We are Daybreaker, a community of 500,000+ mischievous humans from 28 cities around the globe and we break the day with dance, energy and joy as our north star. Let's live shall we? 

Join our global community and meet us virtually at Daybreaker+, our science-backed online platform for live streamed dance classes, movement practices and art forward experiences that unlock joy. 


This is a zero single-use-plastic bottle and carbon offset event with predominantly local talent, and low waste because we give a damn.


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