★ Anti-Splash Whisking Lid

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Anti-Splash Whisking Lid

Anti-Splash Whisking Lid

Baking cakes and making cookies is all fun and games once they’re out of the oven and ready to be eaten, but what about when it’s time to get cleaning? Your red velvet looks absolutely stunning on its cake stand, but you look around your kitchen and all you see is flour dust and batter splotches. Now, how are you meant to appreciate your spectacular masterpiece?


Worry no more of messy kitchens with this Anti-Splash Whisking Lid! This kitchen appliance is here to make sure your baking days are made easy. No longer do you have to be careful when mixing your batter and whisking your egg whites. Just attach the Anti-Splash Whisking Lid to the top of your bowl, place your whiskers through the middle opening and whisk away, whilst protecting the rest of your kitchen from becoming a batter crime scene.


Baking has never been this clean.


Material: PP + Silicone

Diameter: 29.5 cm

Middle Diameter: 11 cm

Colour: Blue

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