★ Emergency Disposable Raincoat Key Chain

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Emergency Disposable Raincoat Key Chain

Emergency Disposable Raincoat Key Chain

The weather forecasts a one-hundred percent chance of rain later this afternoon, but you don’t have the bag space to hold an umbrella, nor do you feel like cramping your style with your ugly raincoat. You’ve got a hot date tonight after all, and what would your date think of you if they saw you rock up in your ugly windbreaker? In this case, an Emergency Disposable Raincoat Key Chain would come in handy, wouldn’t it?


These Emergency Disposable Raincoat Key Chains are great for days you don’t feel like lugging around your heavy and cumbersome umbrella and/or raincoat. The disposable raincoat comes in a little ball with a hanging design, so you can hang it with your keys, on your purse, or even to your belt strap! Unpack the raincoat when it starts pouring, and conveniently dispose of it after use.


Stay dry without having to compromise on style or storage space with this Emergency Disposable Raincoat Key Chain today!


Ball material: PS

Raincoat material: PE

Size: 90 cm x 120 cm

Ball colours: Blue, yellow, navy, red, green, black, white, or orange

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