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Thank you OP

Email sent: May 4, 2021 4:19pm

Yesterday, we saw a surge in new visitors—thanks to an organic post on the reddit thread r/frugalmalefashion.

I’ve been having a blast responding to all sorts of comments and questions. 

This sort of organic exposure is huge for a small business like ours.

Many thanks to the OP Zuchinniedc for taking the time to put together the post and helping put our small business us out there!

Friendly reminder: if you feel inclined to share Dearborn Denim with friends/family/online communities, use your friend referral link (found on your account page) to share a $10 discount.

Plus, every purchase made with your link pays out 1,000 points to ... 4-5 purchases could mean enough for a free pair of jeans!

Thank you for continuing to help us prove ethical apparel manufacturing IS possible in the United States.



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