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Decade Awards

2020 Fantasy Football Season

Email sent: Dec 9, 2020 12:15pm
Heading into 2021 Playoffs
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2020 - Fantasy Football

A small bit of normalcy is watching football.  Even with all the delays and postponements, it has been comforting to hear my husband yell when his QB decides to run instead of throwing for the TD.  It give me hope that things will get better...even if he doesn't win his league.

I am not an athlete...Heck, I can barely walk without tripping over my two feet and have developed an amazing ability of 'bouncing' from my multiple sidewalk flips.  However, I know a great play when I see one and appreciate the skill sets of those on the field and coaching.  

Selecting a fantasy team with the 'just right' balance is a definite talent that I will just admire from the other side of the sofa.  Keeping in mind trades, coaching changes and....yes..."other" impacts has made this 'tradition' take on a different vibe this year.

From ours to yours, let's celebrate the victories that life gives us and face it's challenges.  Just like any team, we work together to reach a goal.

~ A Trophy Wife ~
FFL Rings All

They are ready for their close-up Mr. DeMille!

We have plenty of stock of the 2020 FFL rings as well as 2019 and a few of 2018.  

CM 99004 99094 w ball
$39.95 - $59.95
12"  &  16"
DM-101 w medal
Our custom football field ribbon is included! 
$6.95 each - 3" wide
$17.95 - 6.5"
Bomb Trophy
The very definition of a multi-use award
This wonderfully detailed trophy with a string fuse is perfect for the "THE BOMB" in your FFL league this season...or for that other person who BOMBED this season.  Either way, you will get FOUR (4) lines for your special message.

Bomb Trophy "Da Bomb" Trophy
...(or "A" Bomb) Award - 5" tall - $17.95

 Engraving is included at no extra charge for our medals and trophies! 
 Sales & Clearance
We're still expanding the selection and the price STILL includes engraving!
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Glitter medal football
A selection of ribbons are also included! Great for beginners! 
50 Caliber corkscrew
Just enter code BFCM2020 for 10% off your entire order!
Everything in your cart!  Trophies, Medals, Plaques, Plates & Prints!
Offer Expires 11/24/20 - 12/31/20 Code BFCM2020 
Can be used on-line or in person; coupon is non-transferable; 1 coupon allowed per customer.

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