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[Declutter Fast] β˜• πŸ’™ The Point of No Return

Email sent: Jun 29, 2020 5:24am

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When it hurts your brain.
Hello and welcome back to your Declutter Fast Newsletter!

There is a point of no return when it comes to CLUTTER...

There's a point when you know that ONE ITEM has taken up more of your time than it's worth!

That point is reached when you realize....

... that you're spending a lot of time thinking about what to do with that item.

You run across that item SEVERAL times a week, or even daily.

Every time you open the pantry... that closet... or go in that room.

You see that THING and SIGH!

You ask the following questions:

"What am I going to do with that? Should I keep it? Who can I give it to?

"Does [family member] still want to hang on to that, or can I donate it?"

And... every time you see it, it's like a thump on your brain that literally hurts!

When you reach that point... you've reached the Point of No Return in Decluttering.

That's the point where you have to DO something about that item.

The "point of no return" has a double meaning. You're getting NO return on the time you spend thinking about this item!

It's literally robbing you of peace of mind and time to think about better things.

So don't LET it rob you. Do something about it.

This week I got rid of a "Snow Cone Maker" that no one has used in at least ten years. Even my grown child who loves snow cones didn't want it, but I was still feeling like hanging on to it...

It was staring me in the face daily and now it's gone. That's one less mental battle of indecision going on.

What's staring you in the face all the time and causing you grief (other than family members, I mean)?

Get it out of your life so you can improve your quality of life. That's what decluttering is all about.

Get the inspiration and solutions to help you reach your goal of an uncluttered home.

Discover how to Declutter Fast and change your life! When you declutter your home, it frees you like nothing else.

Find out how with my Declutter Fast methods here:

Make Decluttering a Breeze For You

Here's to the joy of order in your life.

With love,

Mimi Tanner
Author of Declutter Fast: How To Get Your Home In Order Almost Immediately

P.S. From readers:

HI there.

I'm loving these daily inspirations, where I am at the moment, it is perfect.

I'm going through an avalanche of all sorts of things, settlement, de-cluttering, catching up on backlog of work, and trying to find "me" in there somewhere.

Even if I don't jump up and 'do it now', it gives me hope. That is worth so very, very much.

Thank you.

Hi Mimi,

I have your great book :) but I really love the encouraging emails.

I’m slowly getting my home de-cluttered and organised.

Just those little reminders to keep to the goal and not give upmeans so much. Thank you.


Dear Mimi,

You are so Inspirational. You have made me get rid of not only items lying around the house creating chaos, but also negative thoughts. Now I see a clean beautiful home and think positive thoughts.

- Eve

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Thank you for reading. I appreciate you.
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