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Put that vacuum cleaner down.

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Hello and welcome back to Declutter Fast

It's Sunday.

My advice: don't do any work.


Let's talk a little about burnout. I know a lot about burn-out.

Burn-out happens when your work stops being fun (if it ever was fun).

My work was super-fun for years; almost too much fun. But then things started to change and I repeatedly dealt with burn-out.

But I also learned how to fix this!

Burn-out happens especially when you never take time off for fun and enjoyment.

Life is meant to be enjoyed. Of that I am sure!!

We're here to appreciate the beautiful sky, the trees, the sunsets.

To enjoy fun and happy times with people we love.

To see people grow up.

And much more.

Burn-out gets in the way of this.

But you can prevent burn-out by making time for 2 things: Rest and Fun.

Rest is essential to your health, both body and brain.

I know you've heard that a million times, but do you know how very true it is?

So true, it's scary.

Then there's fun. Fun is a lot more than just "fun." It's central to your well-being.

When you do things you enjoy, you get a fresh perspective.

Then you go back to your work happy and refreshed - not burned-out and dreading it.

Burnout makes a person grumpy and negative. This is contagious. So don't let it happen to you (and those around you).Β 

Take the time to just sit. Preferably outside. And enjoy the morning, or the evening...

This habit is just as good as deep meditation.

And a lot more fun because you can add coffee!

But seriously. I find the more I do this (and I do this EVERY morning), the more insights and ideas I get.

So on Sunday, or your day off work, consider rest your top priority!

(Please don't say "I don't have time for that"!)

Rest gives you more energy and desire to get things done later on!

Do what you enjoy or simply "do nothing at all" - your brain and your body will thank you!

See you again soon as usual.

Your Life In Order

Here's to the joy of order in your life.

With love,

Mimi Tanner
Author of Declutter Fast: How To Get Your Home In Order Almost Immediately

Dear Mimi,

I so relate to [the emails from your readers]. I am so overwhelmed with clutter that it is messing my life, and I feel has impacted badly on my family's lives.

I clean up when someone is coming, but it only gets dumped in some other room (my office ....can hardy be entered, let alone used.

I have moved three times in the past 10 years, but my clutter drags along like a daggy lamb's tail. I need to clear stuff, and your newsletter is my light at the end of the tunnel.

I have actually started, and I am planning to make good use of my bins and the local op shop.

Thank you for your inspiration, and thank you to your readers for sharing, it helps to know one is not alone, and stops me from beating myself up about it, too.


Dear Mimi,

You are so Inspirational. You have made me get rid of not only items lying around the house creating chaos, but also negative thoughts. Now I see a clean beautiful home and think positive thoughts.

- Eve

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