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Be ready for anything.

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Be ready for anything.
Hello and welcome back to your Declutter Fast Newsletter

Natural disasters happen year-round. People have a renewed interest in being prepared - for power outages, storms, floods, and more.

Let's talk preparation for a minute.

Most important: water.

You can't go wrong keeping extra water on hand.

Next: light.

Reliable lights in the house - and knowing exactly where they are. Flashlights, camping lights.

Next: food for emergencies.

Take it from me - the more nutritious this food is, the better. You never know how long you're going to rely on your food supply.

Next: gas in the car!

The *minute* you hear there *might* be a flood or major weather event, that's the time to get the car gassed up!

The traffic during and long after these events can be is nightmarish. If you get car trouble in the middle of that, it's not good!

So it's always good to keep things "ready" as much as you can!

Being prepared is not just for the Boy Scouts!

It's all part of having your life in order.

Discover how to Declutter Fast

Here's to the joy of order in your life!

With love,

Mimi Tanner
Author of Declutter Fast: How To Get Your Home In Order Almost Immediately

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With Love Mimi Tanner.

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P.S. Thank you for the wonderful emails I've received. Here are some of them:

Good morning Mimi. I read your emails often.

"" really caught my Eye, because I feel overwhelmed with magazines.

This is just what I need today and all the tomorrows.

Thank you for everything positive about Decluttering.

- P.

Hi, I live south of Houston in Bacliff. It doesn't flood by me. But I started some serious decluttering during the storm. The bags are going out tonight for tomorrow's trash pick up. Too many knick-knacks and "sentimental" things.

As other homes were being flooded I imagined what I'd have to toss if it were my home. This thought process really helped me sort junk out.

I recently read a poem about someone who planned to declutter. One line mentioned that there would be no tag sale because they didn't want to pass their junk problem onto someone else. I think that is a great concept. But my gently used clothing, shoes, and necessities will go to a local drive for flood victims.

By the way, Mimi, I was using Step 1 of your 4-Pass Method for the above. Thank you!

- A.

"Thanks so much. I followed your advise from yesterday; I organized my freezer and cooked meals for the week. All done! It was just the spot that needed my attention, You are wonderful and It feels so good to have a good friend. Love you."

- Vickie

"Every time I receive your newsletter, I am motivated to keep going. I am a long ways from where I started, but not yet completed.

"Thank you. Don't be dismayed by detractors. Not everyone will appreciate you. I do! God bless you!"

- Cecily

"Thank you, Mimi, for reminding us to let the bad moments in life bring some good. Positive thoughts and actions are so much better than negative! ❀️ Your newsletters send wonderful ways of looking at life!"

- Arlene

"Thanks Mimi, You give me hope!"

-- B.

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