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Hello and welcome back to Declutter Fast

Life is so much better when things are simpler.

You really can go from impossible to simple. And here is one fun way you may not have thought about.

Are you a do-It-yourself-er? Or are you thinking about becoming more of a do-it-yourself-er?

I am. I've taken back control of many tasks I previously hired other people to do.

In some cases, I paid someone else because I didn't know how to do the task myself, or didn't want to know!

When you're a a do-it-yourselfer:

* You learn more about your home.

* You come up with your own "care plan" for everything.

* You keep hundreds of dollars that would otherwise go out the window to someone else.

* You move around a lot more. Has it been a while since you scooted the refrigerator out from the wall to clean underneath it? Housework is not for sissies!

* You may spend more time outdoors in the fresh air.

* You have a great sense of accomplishment. Taking care of your home is good, honest work.

* You feel far more involved in your own home than before. This is the surprisingly good feeling!

Of course there are some tasks that are best done by the real experts - no doubt about it.

But there is plenty you can do yourself - as long as you follow safety guidelines at all times.

When you get into the do-it-yourself mode, you increase your happiness with your home.

You deserve to feel good in your own home.

Be sure to use the Declutter Fast Methods

Here's to the joy of order in your life.

With love,
Mimi Tanner

Author of Declutter Fast: How To Get Your Home In Order Almost Immediately

P.S. Especially for business owners:

The worst kind of mental block is this:

You think you're the problem.

You start thinking this is all your fault.

Then maybe one day, you find out -

It's Not You!!

The answer is often much simpler than you thought.

That's what happened to Jennifer, owner of a growing business:

Jennifer's mental block

P.P.S. I like life to be simple, and possessions to be at a minimum. Find out how to keep rooms clutter-free so they stay that way.

It does get easier and easier when you get some true perspective about your "stuff."

P.P.P.S. From readers:

Dear Ms Tanner,

I really find the decluttering tips very helpful but still find it hard to get things done! I am a procrastinator!

The newsletter yesterday really hit home! It is strange I can go to other houses and tidy up but not at my home!

I will continue to win in this area- I think the minute clear-up seems to work for me in spurts - I intend to keep trying and will succeed one day!

Thanks again for all that you do to help those who are stuck!!


Dear Mimi,

You are so Inspirational. You have made me get rid of not only items lying around the house creating chaos, but also negative thoughts. Now I see a clean beautiful home and think positive thoughts.

- Eve

Dear Mimi, Your insights hit the nail on the head! Yes, visual clutter causes mental clutter, and that means stress.

Your decluttering advice helps me to work on a decluttered mind and decluttered life. Simple and peaceful!

Thank you as always,

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