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Don't let thoughts of clutter drag you down.

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Don't let thoughts of clutter drag you down.
Hello and welcome back to Declutter Fast

You know, it takes more energy to THINK about clutter than to DO something about it.

That's why it helps so much when you do some small thing to improve your clutter...

...every single time you think of it.

Clutter - or the lack of clutter - has an enormous effect on you.

When you see clutter around you, you nag yourself that these papers or books or whatever... need to be put away.

But here's the MOST important point:

When you see this clutter and think these thoughts multiple times, it's a drag!!

Every single time you have these thoughts, it drains some more energy out of you.

It can be something as simple as changing a light bulb.

If you have to think, "I need to change that bulb" fifteen times, then THIS takes a very big toll on you.

It's better for you to JUMP on that task the very first time you think of it.

This saves you so much mental energy!

About clutter or anything out of place, don't let these thoughts go through your head numerous times!

Put that out-of-place item back in place WHEN you think about it!

Don't torment your brain with thinking about this so many times, when you can get it done. Then you no longer have to spend your mental energy on this task!

Instead you can have a warm feeling, patting yourself on the back, because you put this thing away!

Now maybe you don't have a specific place where the item goes... that's another story for another day...

A decluttered home gives you MORE energy - to reach all of your goals.

After you read this book, you'll find decluttering easier than ever.

You can be totally decluttered in a super short time - and gain peace of mind and happiness!

Just log in any time, day or night, on your schedule.

Declutter Fast

Here's to the joy of order in your life!

With love,

Mimi Tanner
Author of Declutter Fast: How To Get Your Home In Order Almost Immediately

P.S. From readers:

Mimi, I had a nice house at one time; then my hoarding mother started downsizing and gave lots to me.

Her instructions were to keep everything. Guilt immobilized me. I am now saying to myself, "It's my life. How do I want to live it?"

Life is short. I need to live it in happiness. I want to have my home as a gathering place for fun again.

My children are embarrassed and go to their friends' homes. I used to be a stopping place for my friends.

I just got 2 items free-cycled. I got half the living room cleared.

I will be getting rid of anything that doesn't make me relax and give me a calm, peaceful place again.

From Mimi:

What a great way to put this - get rid of anything that doesn't make you relax and give you a calm, peaceful place! I wish you the best in your decluttering project!

And thanks for sharing this great reminder: "It's my life. How do I want to live it?"

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