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Hello and welcome back to your Declutter Fast Newsletter

Is this scenario familiar?

You want to get things organized so much - but you have so much to do to help your family.

At times you get overwhelmed... even more so when things happen out of the blue. Emergencies, for example.

And then there are people who have growing children. Their lives must naturally revolve around their children.

(Mine are grown up now but they still definitely need me. And I'm grateful for this. I have two very darling daughters in their 20s.)

So I have an interesting solution to share.

Try this tip:

Devote 15 minutes per day to each child or family member who needs your care, to do whatever needs to be done - looking things up, finding papers, sending packages, even praying for that person - or thinking about what to get for their birthday.

You will feel far more "on top of things" when it comes to that child's activities, grades, and so forth.

Try it - you will feel VERY competent.

Maybe it's your spouse or another family member...

Any situation in your life can be approached with this method.

You'll devote just a small amount of time, 5 days a week, to this person.

You can master your time - and gain peace of mind and happiness!

Declutter Fast is the only book that is especially designed (with my own private methods) to light a fire in you.

* What no one talks about but everyone knows - people judge you by your level of clutter, whether you are rich, poor, or in between.

* How to declutter your entire living space or office immediately. The average home can be decluttered in one to two days, tops.

* How you can keep all the stuff you want, yet still be free of your clutter.

* Why the traditional "four-box method" of decluttering doesn't work for many people.

* How to make decluttering truly easy, fast, and stress-free.

* The five-minute solution for procrastination.

* How to organize ALL of life's paperwork!

* The easy way to organize your clothing fast so you'll wear what you love, and love what you wear!

* The 17 Essentials that you need a place for in your home (almost everything in the world comes under one of these headings).

* After you unclutter your home, how to become one of those Super-Organized, Happy people all the time - the four essentials, for about ten dollars at any office supply store.

Let the Declutter Fast methods change your life!

"I absolutely love your book! I stayed up half the night reading it and getting a real sense of hope for my situation."


The good news is that everything you do toward decluttering REALLY does pay off!

Find out about the Declutter Fast Methods Here:

How To Get Your Home In Order

With love,
Mimi Tanner
Declutter Fast: How To Get Your Home In Order Almost Immediately

P.S. From a reader:

"Hi Mimi,

"I followed you along your camper van travels, and your Newsletter is always there to keep me on track.

"I have been doing quite a bit of decluttering but I’ve only just touched the surface.

"Although my hall and passage way are now clear, clean and polished, I have also washed down all these walls and 12 doors and frames..

"As its mid-summer down under (Australia - Melbourne) I was glad to be doing this Job as working with water does keep me cool.

"Thanks for all your help through the Newsletter, it's much appreciated."

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