πŸ’™ Why vacations make us suddenly declutter like mad

Just go, go, go with the flow.

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Hello and welcome back to Declutter Fast

What is it about going out of town that makes us suddenly declutter like fiends?

We put off decluttering week after week, and then... it's vacation time. Or we're going out of town for the weekend... and maybe someone is going to stay with our pets or collect our mail.

Suddenly we start decluttering like mad. Where did all that decluttering energy come from??

We don't question it - we just go with the flow as long as that flow holds out.

And if you don't get your place in order BEFORE you go, you know it's going to be not fun to see that same mess when you return from your jolly trip!

There's the pet who has to see the veterinarian before the vacation starts, and the pet boarding that has to be arranged.

There's the home repair that needs to be done before we leave. Or maybe it's the car getting checked out. Yikes.

There's a reason vacations cause us to suddenly get our act together - they put things into focus, big time!

They take us out of our rut!

Vacation time is a mini "moment of truth"!

That's one reason "getting away" for a while can be so momentous for us...

It puts everything in our lives into sharp focus.

It gives us great perspective on our lives, AND...

It motivates us to declutter, too!

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Here's to the joy of order in your life.

With love,

Mimi Tanner
Author of Declutter Fast: How To Get Your Home In Order Almost Immediately

P.S. From a reader:

Thank you so much for being there, Mimi Tanner. I want so bad to have no clutter in my home, but always feel that I'm on a treadmill when I try to keep it decluttered. I'll keep trying till I draw my last breath, but doubt that I'll ever get the job completely done. At least one room in my house will always have boxes of things that I just HAVE to keep, worth nothing at all. Love to you and all the people you are doing so much for. Keep up the good work.

- Joan

Have you ever wanted to be an author? Or are you already a writer, but you want to be better and faster?

Would you like to write down your personal story - or a story from your family?

I have a very special writing mentor - through her work - perhaps a surprising one.

It's the inimitable Ginie Sayles, the author of numerous books, who has appeared on everything from Oprah to the New York Times and Wall Street Journal.

I've turned to her writing advice for help so many times when I've had a hard time working on a book.

My problem is, I tend to be a perfectionist, at least in my head. I overthink things, too. Ginie's advice has helped me tremendously, in so many ways, that it would take many pages to tell you.

To cut to the chase:
Her writing advice has makes writing a book SO much easier for me.

By now writing no longer seems tough to me at all. And it can be that way for you.

And Ginie's right - there is no such thing as Writer's Block!

This program has expanded to four times the size.

It now includes Ginie's complete teachings on how to be a prolific writer -

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So in case you have a book inside of you that you really and truly want to write (or more than one)...

This seminar by Ginie Sayles is her complete guide to writing books FAST.

She doesn't waste time on fluff at all!

She shows you exactly how to structure and write ANY book - fiction or non-fiction - in three weeks or less (and how to make it GREAT).

Some writers are able to have a finished book in 12 days! Some in a week!

From one of Ginie's students:

"Dear Ginie,

"I struggled for several years attempting to get my thoughts on paper. After taking your writing course, How To Write A Book In 3 Weeks, the words exploded onto the page.

"I finished my book a few months after completing your class and sales continue to grow. In addition to selling overseas in English, a foreign publisher just paid me a licensing fee to create a Finnish version and I am in negotiations with companies in Brazil and Turkey for additional translation rights.

"Without your help I certainly would not be enjoying these fruits of my labor. In fact, I might not have written the book at all. Thank you very much!"

- Ross G. H. Shott

So about this book in you which you've struggled to create - this is welcome news:

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Declutter Fast has helped and inspired tens of thousands of people to declutter their homes since 2006. Become free of clutter and start living the way that inspires you.

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Mimi is the author of numerous books and online programs, including Declutter Fast and How To Get Everything Done.

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Thank you for reading. I appreciate you.

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