Time & Style ēdition, contemporary evolution of traditional Japanese wood craftsmanship

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The philosophy of Time & Style ēdition is perfectly reflected in the interior design concept developed by Boffi|DePadova throughout its history.

Over the years, Italian and Japanese styles have both shown great respect towards ancient artisan tradition, along with a tendency to a detail-oriented focus on projects to ensure unparalleled quality and a commitment to create perfectly constructed objects.


Time & Style ēdition

The Time & Style ēdition collection, developed for Boffi|DePadova, presents a contemporary evolution of traditional Japanese wood craftsmanship.


The brand Time & Style, for three decades, has protected and promoted the manufacturing skills and traditions linked to Japanese carpentry.


Time & Style taps into time-honored customs practiced by artisans involved in the construction of Japanese shrines and temples, an important activity with a history extending back over a millennium.


The Time & Style ēdition collection created for Boffi|DePadova, communicates the discreet elegance of traditional Japanese wood craftsmanship through a contemporary lens that emphasizes the timeless quality of each design.


The collection, ranging from low tables and chairs in solid wood to light fixtures with shades made from traditional Japanese washi paper, offers an eclectic assortment of contemporary Japanese furniture, that pairs harmoniously with the sophisticated living systems from Boffi|DePadova.


The restrained beauty and simplicity of Time & Style ēdition, which projects a precise, minimalist style, emphasizes the importance of the Japanese artisan and techniques involving manual labor.


The design process begins first and foremost with the material. Time & Style ēdition focuses on making quality, long-lasting design that references classical Japanese design and highlights the tactile qualities of solid wood.

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Discover Time & Style ēdition collection in our showrooms worldwide: Paris, London, New York. Coming soon @Time & Style Atmosphere in Tokyo.

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