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Customize you jeans for a deeply personal fit. Believe it.

Made-to-Order? More like: Made-for-You.

Jeans evoke emotion. Jeans are personal. When you find the perfect style and fit - you just know it. That personal fit is a fantastic feeling.
One way you can make your jeans personal is by the leg style. In the opening and the length. We offer 5 different leg styles and unlimited lengths. Whatever your style is, we got you. For us, getting you the perfect fit is personal. 
The Leg Styles


Very fitted through the leg. Snug.



Relaxed through the knee, tapered from the knee down.



Relaxed through the knee, straight through the knee down.


Relaxed through the knee, modest flare from the knee down.



Straight from the mid-thigh down.


How to determine inseam 

Inseam is the leg length measurement of pants. You can measure the inseam by running a tape measure along the inseam of pants from the crotch center point to the hem.   

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