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As National Water Quality Month draws to an end, make sure you have the filters to protect your water quality. Save 25% on your order today!
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Fridge Air Water Humidifier Pool & Spa Reorder
Fridge Air Water Pool & Spa Reorder
Shop now and receive 25% OFF your order and get free shipping on orders over $50. Just click here to apply your discount or use code QUALITY at checkout to save.
August is National Water Quality Month! Read on to learn more about this global issue and how you can protect your water supply.
Learn more about water quality issues with our Water Quality Q&A. So, what causes poor water quality? The four major causes of freshwater pollution are industrial pollutants, agricultural runoff, untreated waste, and household chemicals. Click here to read our blog post about the '7 Worst Water Quality Issues Facing the U.S.'
For clean drinking water from the fridge, use a ClearChoice Taste Plus Filter to protect against lead, chlorine, VOCs, and more. Click here to learn more about these Indiana-made filters.
Don't water treatment facilities clean my water? While water treatment facilities work to purify your water supply, sometimes deteriorating infrastructure and localized water quality issues arise without much notice given. Just look at the numerous water crises across the country that we've seen in recent years. Click here to see 'What We Learned from the Flint Water Crisis.'
For the pinnacle of clean water, use the Hydro Guard Reverse Osmosis System. This week, save an extra 20% on this system when you click here and add the item to your cart!
How can I celebrate water quality month? There are several things you can do to improve water quality in your home and community. Here are a few: monitor local water quality, organize stream cleanups, pick up after your pet, wash your car at a car wash, and install water filters in your home. Click here if you need replacement filters or a new water filter system.
For a quick and reliable water test kit, you can trust Safe Home. Click here to test your water for lead!
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