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Start a colorful one with our latest collection handmade in Kenya
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Animated banner with images of Maasai people wearing traditional beaded jewelry

Maasai women have been crafting jewelry for hundreds of years in Kenya and Tanzania.

Shape, pattern and specially colors have a great deal of symbolism and meaning behind. Worn by both men and women, style and color beads indicate qualities about the wearer. Unmarried women typically wore flat, beaded disks to indicate gracefulness and women of a higher social class typically wore more colorful beads.Β 

Banner with a grid of images of Maasai jewelry, earrings, pendants and necklaces

This beadwork embodies the whole of Maasai culture representing beauty, strength, tradition, warrior-hood, marriage, age sect, marital status, social status and their deep love and devotion for their cattle.

Tribal beaded necklace, White Beaded Rope Necklace, African Zulu beaded necklace, Maasai jewelry

African Zulu Beaded Rope Necklace


WHITE – Represents purity and good health, the latter being associated with cow’s milk, which provides nourishment.

BLACK – Symbolizes unity and solidarity. It also denotes the struggles the Maasai endure, which bring them together as a people.

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Orange, Brown and Gold African beaded necklace, Tribal collar, Maasai jewelry

Orange, Brown and Gold Fringe Necklace


ORANGE – Denotes warmth, friendship, and hospitality. It’s tradition for guests to be welcomed to the home with an orange-colored gourd of milk.

Handmade in Kenya

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