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How to defeat the evil lord called "FOMO"

Email sent: Nov 8, 2019 8:07 pm

Is this your brand on Milled? You can claim it.

Do you experience a lot of FOMO?

FOMO = The fear of missing out.

You know...on the good things in life.

Or the simple things like having:

[+] The ability to feel generally relaxed in
     your skin around people

[+] The skillsets to start and maintain conversations
     with people, including ones you really want to
     connect with

[+] Friends to be able to go do things with

[+] The ability to connect with peers and higher-ups
     on a social level, which you know will help you
     succeed more at work

[+] The social skills to be able to ask a woman out on
     a date, and be able to handle yourself well on it

Quite often guys tell me it’s a really big deal
for them when they send me an email...

...that they feel like they are MISSING OUT
on so much.

That having social anxiety or extreme shyness
is blocking them from having the life experiences
they REALLY want.

Don't I know it. I used to feel like I was missing
out on lots too because I was too shy and couldn't
connect with people how I wanted to, and knew
there was a way...but I just couldn't see how.

I'm going to be that you feel like you are missing out
on things in life that are important to you, because no
matter what you do, you can’t express
yourself in a way that feels authentic, relaxed and open
when talking to someone else.

Missing out can feel like this, too:

Sitting in a cafe when surrounded by people who
are just a few feet away, but feeling completely
alone and wanting to reach out, but you can't.

Someone makes eye contact with you,
but you dart your eyes away. Someone smiles
at you, and you just stare with a frozen look on your face.

You might as well be sitting in an
empty cafe, it feels like the same thing.

It feels like being at a party with (some) people you
know, where it seems like everyone is laughing
and having a good time.

But the distance between you and them feels
so great, it might as well be a party of one.

And one I’m quite familiar with:

There’s someone you are interested in but you just
don’t know how to talk to them without being awkward.

Even worse, when there’s someone who’s interested in
you and the pressure feels like it is on to not screw things
up because you like them too….

But you shut down.

You don’t know what to do or say.

It feels like life is whisking by and you are a spectator.

On the sidelines.

Watching everyone live, as you feel trapped.

Too many times I’ve been there.
But no more for me. I solved it.

The evil lord called "FOMO" is casting his
spell on you.

Trying to prevent The Hero inside of you from
getting that which is his BIRTHRIGHT.

It doesn’t have to be this way for you, either.

I'll bet you are lost in a lot of anxiety and shyness.

No matter where you are, you don't
have to stay stuck there, in FOMO.

There is always more room to learn and grow.

That’s what’s great about life and being human.

Reach out, do your best.

Reach out to just ONE person today.
Even if it is just a small smile. Or a head nod.

Maybe even a quick hi.
Something small can open up a whole new world.

Life is happening all around you.

Waiting for you to jump in.

Waiting for you to accelerate into it.

To drop right in.
Discover how to accelerate right past social anxiety
into the life you want, with no more missing out then
sign up for a FREE Confidence Breakthrough Session:

FOMO could be gone sooner than you think, if you are
ready to move forward, that is.

Take back your KINGDOM from that evil, dark lord.

Let the bright hero SHINE forth again.

Isn't it time to DECIDE?


P.S. These sessions are LIMITED in number each
month and have to be a fit...you really must want
the best for yourself and your life. If you do then
we can jump on the phone and sort through it all
to get you a PLAN of resolution and action together...

David Hamilton
Social Confidence Expert
Founder of SocialExpression.NET

David Hamilton
Social Confidence Expert
Founder, Social Expression
PO Box 148
Laporte CO 80535-0148

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